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Home Laser Hair Removal That Works!

Updated on November 1, 2013

Laser Hair Removal Reviews

For years, women and men have been paying thousands of dollars to specialists to have unwanted hair removed by laser. In Early 2008 the FDA approved both the Silk'n and Tria Laser Hair Removal Systems for home use! This new technology puts the laser right into your own hands. But many women want to see laser hair removal reviews so that they know if they really work.

On this lens you will see independant laser hair removal reviews of both Tria and Silkn.

(Photo by The Daemon )

Becky Worley from "Good Morning America" Demonstrates Silk'n!! - Home Laser Hair Removal Reviews Done On Television

Becky Worley from Good Morning American conducted these Laser Hair Removal Reviews of Silk'n and Tria .Laser Hair Removal Devices.

UPDATE: Becky says that she had to buy her Silkn from a dermatologist. This is no longer the case, both the Silkn and the Tria can now be purchased without visiting a doctor.

Do You Feel Like This???? - Desperately Needs Laser Hair Removal

(Photo By Helder)

Have You Had Laser Hair Removal? - Home Laser Hair Removal Reviews By Survey

What is your experience with laser hair removal? Tell us your Laser Hair Removal Reviews.

Have you had laser hair removal?

See results

Silk'n Home Laser Hair Removal - Silk'n Is Often Prefered in Home Laser Hair Removal Reviews

According to Becky Worely's Laser Hair Removal Review, Silk'n is an effective and affordable alternative to the costs of multiple trips to a professional. Watch Becky Worely (video above) compare Silk'n and Tria in her Laser Hair Removal Reviews.

Clinical Trials of Tria, Silk'n and no!no!

Clinical Trials And Home Laser Hair Removal Reviews Demonstrate that It Works

* Clinical Trial Testing of Silk'n "The Silk'N device resulted in hair reduction in the majority of subjects, including observation of long-term reduction....At the three-month follow-up time period, three patients were noted to have up to 90-percent hair reduction, seven patients between 81- and 90-percent hair reduction, two patients between 71- and 80-percent hair reduction, three patients between 61- and 70-percent hair reduction, two patients between 51- and 60-percent hair reduction, one patient between 51- and 60-percent hair reduction, one patient between 61- and 70-percent hair reduction, and one patient between 41- and 50-percent hair reduction. The overall average hair reduction was 72 percent at three months after six treatments."

* Clinical Trial Testing of Tria "The mean hair reduction was 61% 3 weeks after the first treatment, 70% 3 weeks after the second treatment, 60% 1 month after the third treatment, 24% 2 months after the third treatment, 6% 3 months after the third treatment, 41% 6 months after the third treatment, 31% 9 months after the third treatment, and 33% 12 months after the third treatment. The only observed side effect for appropriate users was transient erythema."

* Clinical Trial Testing of no!no! "The efficacy and safety of the no!no! Thermicon device for hair removal of the legs appear to be comparable to those of laser devices"

When you underestimate the costs..... - ....of professional laser hair removal.....

Professional laser hair removal is expensive. Don't run out of money before you run out of hair........

(photo by Vanz)

Silk'n SensEpil - The Next Generation of Silkn +an Extra Cartridge

New Improved Silkn is getting top remarks in most Laser Hair Removal Reviews. This is an offer of the Silk'n device plus an extra light cartridge at a discounted price

Before and After Laser Hair Removal - Reading About Home Laser Hair Removal Reviews Isn't Enough.

Imagine What Laser Hair Removal Can Do For YOUR Legs!?!

Silk'n On Rachel Ray Show - Watch Rachel Ray's Home Laser Hair Removal Reviews of Silk'n

Update: In these Laser Hair Removal Reviews they say that the Silken system costs $800, but you can buy now for much less.

What Do YOU Think? - You Have Seen The Laser Hair Removal Reviews. Would YOU Do It?

Some people think that body hair is unattractive. Others think that hair should be left where nature intended. What do you think?

Would you consider laser hair removal?

Silk'n Lamp Replacement Cartridge - Laser Hair Removal Reviews Tell You That You Will Need Extra Lamps

Consider the Alternatives.........OUUUUCH!!!! - Laser Hair Removal Looks Good Compared To THIS!

If you are considering waxing, have a look at this video. Or read this this article describing what it is like to have a Brazilian wax. Caution: This Article Is Written in Language That Some Might Consider Shocking. If you are Easily Offended Do NOT CLICK.

Home Laser Hair Removal

What are the points to consider about Home Laser Hair Removal

In 2008 1.4 million Americans underwent laser hair removal in doctors offices. Laser hair removal treatments require repeated visits and can cost thousands of dollars. The time and the investment are worth it to many people. But how does it compare to the professional hair removal? Home laser treatment is probably is not as effective as professional laser, but the costs of home laser hair removal are much less.

In clinical trials, after 3 months Silk'n reduced body hair on average 55-65%. Remember that average includes very hairy and less hairy people.

Long Legs YES!, Long Hair NO! - Laser Hair Removal Reviews : Your Results May Be Better Than You Think

Tria and Silk'n Laser Hair Removal Reviews at

These home laser hair removal reviews show that both devices work

Naomi Torres, guide to hair removal tested Silk'n on her legs and underarms and Tria on her Bikini Line. Read her Laser Hair Removal Reviews about Silk'n and Tria. As you will read, Naomi was impressed by both devices. After reading both Laser Hair Removal Reviews

you will see that both devices worked for her.

Please suggest a "caption" for this photo - Does This Man Read Home Laser Hair Removal Reviews?

I like this photo. I just can not think of a good laser hair related caption for this photo. Please suggest a funny caption in the module below.

(photo by Brian Lewandowski)

Pro's And Cons Of Home versus Professional Laser Hair Removal

How Does Home Laser Compare To Professional Treatments?

Positive Points
* Much Cheaper Than Professional Treatments
* More Convenient
* Less embarrassing
* Effective at removing hair

Negative Points
* Must Replace Lamps
* Difficult to reach some spots alone
* Less Effective Than Pro Treatments

Tria Home Laser On Rachel Ray Show with Kim Kardashian - Kim Kardashian Laser Hair Removal Reviews With Rachel Ray

Tria Laser Hair Removal - Some Home Laser Hair Removal Reviews Prefer Tria

If you prefer Tria home laser, you can buy it here and SAVE!

Men's Waxing - One Man's Laser Hair Removal Reviews

Caution!!If you are offended by strong language, please do not watch this video!!

Do you remember the hair waxing scene from the movie "40 year old version"? Here you will take a behind the scenes look at how it was filmed.

One day, people will watch this and wonder why their ancestors did this.

Waxing is a very painful type of body alteration.

Is waxing our generation's version of the corset?

Before and After.... - ....Laser Hair Removal

Don't Expect Miracles.

(Photo By PetroleumJelliffe)

Be Prepared For Beach Season! - A Different Type Of Hair Removal Reviews

Because you never know who may be looking. Or where.

The Difference Between Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal

After reading these Home Laser Hair Removal Reviews, are you more confused than ever?

Are you confused about the difference between Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal? Wondering which is right for you?

Read this article about Laser Versus Electrolysis Hair Removal Systems.

Does Shaving Make You Feel Like This? - One of the guys

Some people prefer the razor to the laser.

(Photo By Bazule)

Who Can And Can Not Use Laser Hair Removal Systems?

Summary Of Home Laser Hair Removal Reviews: Is Home Laser Hair Removal Right For You?

Home laser hair treatments work best on men and women who have dark hair and light skin. The darker the hair and the lighter the skin, the better results you are going to get.

Black and dark brown respond the best, although brown and light brown hairs will also respond but typically require more treatments. Red may show some response. White, grey or blonde hairs usually don't respond, or they will need many, many treatments.

Do not use on naturally dark skin complexion! Darker skin tones absorb too much laser light, which can cause serious skin injury including blisters, burns, scars, and skin color changes.

In Summary:

If you have dark skin or very light hair, you are better off going to a Professional.

If you have light skin and dark hair, you are probably better off buying home laser hair removal and doing it yourself.


Hair Removal?!?! - ....Are You Joking?

Hanging on to all the hairs that he's got.

(Photo by UrbanShoreGirl)

What Do You Think About Laser Hair Removal? - Did You Learn Something From These Home Laser Hair Removal Reviews?

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      We're usually in the business of adding hair to bald areas, but this Lens proves there's something to be said about doing the opposite.

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      Kim Kardashian always gives a good interview. Rachel pulled the best out of her.

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      No doubt its really very good technology for laser hair removal you can free from unwanted hairs. If you want to think to removal the hairs with this technology than we should go to experts or doctors because this needs more experience and expert in that work you can't to doit home

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      hahaha...great lens. Funny pics. Thanks!

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      Really enjoyed your lens with some knowledge gain. Many thanks

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      This lens is very informative with humor in it. Awesome lens.

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      havnt used either, do they work for mens facial hair to reduce how often you have to shave>

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      7 years ago

      The images are so funny! you've certainly made this lens very interesting because you made a humor out of such a serious topic maybe not so serious LOL. I love reading you lens. I learned a lot and I was entertained too. TWO THUMBS UP!

    • newbizmau profile image

      Maurice Glaude 

      7 years ago from Mobile, AL

      It's time to get started. For me removing the unwanted hair and then trying to regrow some on the top of the head.

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      How you feeling today my friend? Your Lens rocks, thanks for enhancing my wonderful day.

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      Matter of fact lens on hairy details - enjoyed it.

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      Funny and informative lens:) I would love to do laser hair removal, but my hair and skin are both light so I'm not a great candidate.

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      Maurice Glaude 

      7 years ago from Mobile, AL

      You made something so serious, so freak'n funny! I love the lens and I'm gonna get me one of these.

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      7 years ago

      I haven't used either of these products but I'm very interested in at home laser hair removal products.

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      Very funny lens, well done! 5* Thanks for all the good tips!

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      The pic of the gorilla getting the laser hair removal is great, I scrolled back up to it and saw the before and after pictures on the office wall. I missed that earlier! Fun lens.

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      LOL thanks for giving me something to laugh at. Well done, you have been blessed :)

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      If I did need hair removal, your video would have steered me clear of waxing. Well done!

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      This is very clever and imaginative. 5* and and you've been blessed by (another) angel.

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      Hair removal? You have anything to put hair back on my head? Squid Angel Blessed!

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      Did anybody buy that hairremover from this site?

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      Interesting topic with a humorous twist. Don't need hair removal, but this will probably help those that do.

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      I am ashamed to say this : Girls with hairy legs give me the your lens (to me) is a blessing!

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      I love this lens!! HAHAaaaaa

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      Haven't used either, had not heard of them but I will now cheers for the great tips and info



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