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Simple Ways to Reduce Weight Post Pregnancy

Updated on September 27, 2016

Post Pregnancy - Baby Fat


Planning is important

Motherhood is the best experience in the whole world. After a long period of waiting, our little bundle of joy comes in our lap. These moments should be cherished. But there is one more thing which comes along, probably a lifelong problem for some women, i.e. weight gained during pregnancy. In some cases weight (called baby fat) does not dissolve so easily rather it increases as mothers are not careful about their diet.

But the problem is not that big as it seems. There are certain ways, which may help us to regain our shape. First thing, a new mom should remember pregnancy is a long process of nine months. The mother’s body has gone through a lot. Initially the body is weak and vulnerable. We should never indulge in rigorous exercises at once. It has to be started slowly and increased gradually. It would definitely take a couple of months to get back into your old jeans (It took me five months to lose 10 kg of baby fat and I never did any rigorous exercise or dieting). Just right balance of everything works wonder. We have to balance our diet, workout and routine. Our metabolism rate plays an important role. Most of the new mommies start losing weight on their own by the fifth to sixth month of delivery but don't get disheartened if the case is not so.

Balance of Diet, Exercise and Care


Coconut Oil works wonder. Add it to your diet and use lukewarm to massage. It helps to reduce cellulite

Natural ways to lose baby fat

Identify your body need and plan accordingly. Below are some tried and tested natural therapies, by which you can easily lose weight and stay healthy.

1) Breast feeding your kid: - It is very important to breast feed your child. It helps you to regain your shape and does not allow the access fat to accumulate around your body. As we know mother’s feed is the best for the child’s growth, at the same time it allows your kid to build a connection with you. Breast feeding also helps you to distress. Try to feed your child at least for 7 to 8 months. It is very important to have grains, fruits, vegetables and right nutrients while breastfeeding your kid.

2) Take your child for a stroll: - You should not just lie down beside your child for the whole day. You can easily start mild exercises after few days of your delivery (in case of C- section or complications, please refer to your doctor). You can start with taking your child for a walk in a pram. The fresh air and sunlight is necessary your child. At the same time, you are easing out yourself and burning calories. Slowly, make it your daily routine and increase the time of your walk gradually. Walking is considered as the best exercise for a new mom.

3) Massage helps a lot: - Body massage is mandatory for a new mom. It strengths your bones and helps to regain stamina. Massage also helps to dissolve cellulite. It is a good way to target some areas where you have gained extra cellulite. Post pregnancy belly fat is the biggest problem. The stretched out skin and muscles looks really bad. Uterus takes few months to get back into shape. Massaging on your belly helps a lot and makes your task much easier. It also soothes the damaged skin. You can use coconut oil, olive oil or mustard oil as well (orange oil is considered best in this case).

4) Healthy Diet: - A new mom should be very conscious about her diet. Please ensure your diet should be full of proteins, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. You should have milk, lentils, eggs, whole grains, vegetables, salads and fruits in plenty. Post pregnancy, it is very important to have a nutritional diet in order to regain your stamina. Healthy diet would balance your metabolism and you would lose weight soon. Please never think of dieting after pregnancy or while feeding your kid.

(Try having skimmed milk. Two servings of fruits and salads. Some nuts are mandatory, they give you required energy with necessary oils. Some supplements like Mama Protinex are good options to have with milk).

5) Arranging your kid’s clothes and wardrobe: - A newly born child requires oodles of clothes. Washing and arranging them is a tedious task. Make sure you do it yourself. It would be at a cost of a lot of energy and calories. Try to indulge in other baby chores as well.

Easy tips to lose baby fat

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Easy tips to lose baby fat

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Go natural with your weight lose. Watch this video

Easiest of all

6) Water Therapy – Post pregnancy, you are required to gulp water like fish. Try to drink as much as water you can. My water intake was 6 – 7 litres a day. It helps you a lot to lose weight quickly. It also helps you to flush out toxins from your body. If you are breast feeding your kid, it is necessary to consume more water. Drinking water also helps you to avoid urinal infections.

(Try this: - Boil 2 litres of drinking water. Add 2 tbsp carom seeds, 2 big cardamom and 1 tsp cumin seeds. Boil for another 5 minutes. Cool this solution and try to sip as much as you can in a day- It helps to improve your digestion, enhances immunity, detoxifies and hydrates your body. This solution helps to get your belly into shape).

7) Practice Yoga: - We all know the health benefits of yoga. It helps you to lose weight very quickly, at the same time it keeps you fit and active. Post pregnancy these three yogas and asanas are very beneficial - deep breathing and exhalation, Kapal Bhanti and Anilom Vilom. New mothers are sometime stressed with the baby sleeping routines, in this case yoga helps you to calm down and distress yourself from post partum depresssion.

8) Swimming and Dancing: - The other activities which help you to get back into your shape are swimming and dancing. You can choose any of these. Swimming helps to slim down your waist and thighs. Dancing helps you to cut down fat from all part of your body.

These tips work wonders to lose Post pregnancy flab. At the same time, we have to keep patience, this is a slow process. We all have different body types.Try to be happy, take a sound sleep and enjoy your motherhood. Remember being happy is the key to fulfill all desires.

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    • Neelam Ramani profile image

      Neelam Ramani 3 years ago from Delhi, India

      Thanks Chitrangada, These tips really works and helped me to always stay on track.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 3 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Wonderful hub!

      It is very important to lose post pregnancy fat without much delay, otherwise it becomes difficult thereafter. Sooner the better.

      You have suggested some very useful and helpful tips here, which will be beneficial to those affected by post pregnancy fat.

      Thanks for sharing! Voted up!

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