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Updated on July 24, 2011

Bangladesh is one of the most victim of Arsenic. Arsenic is covered in all over the south indian countries . In 1978, arsenic was found in West Bangle . People of this area are affected by " Arsenicosiss " which is the resion of Arsenic in 1983. After 10 yrs , In Chapai Noyabgonje, arsenic is found in Bangladesh 1st time. In 1998-99, British Giological Surve and Bangladesh Health department are experiment about arsenic in Bangladesh by the help of world Bank. In this experiment, they found that south area beshides the rever area is most affected by arsenic . In this experiment is found that undeep tubewells are affected by Arsenic. After this result, Bangladesh Arsenic Metegation and Water Supply Project (BAMWSP ) is experiment once again at 271 thana at 2001-03. In this two yrs total 4943225 no. of tubewells are tested and 29% are greater than 50PPB (<50PPB is the hight limit for Bangladesh ). Helping by UNISEF Bangladesh Health Depertment again experiment another 192 thana and found 14 are effected on Arsenic. A pvt. Farm BRAC said that BAMWSP was tested 70% of Tubewell . From Government report , 3 crorepeople are drinking more than 50PPB water and 80% of tubewells are affected by Arsenic [Table. 1 ].
In 2009 Japan International Co-oparation Agency (JICA) resharch that for 1 milion source of drinking water , 78% come from undeep tubewells. Another 18% are deep tubewell and Last 4% from another source [Table 2]. In this 1 milion source .7 milion are active and .3 milion are inactive as a source of drinking water and 78% are undeep tubewell.

So Please Imagine how can live Bangladeshi People !!!

Fig. 1 : A girl is drinking water where is containing ARSENIC
Fig. 1 : A girl is drinking water where is containing ARSENIC
Table 1 : tubewell affected by Arsenic
Table 1 : tubewell affected by Arsenic
Table 2 :Ratio of Source of Drinking water
Table 2 :Ratio of Source of Drinking water


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    • SKBAKSHI profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from 513, Ibrahimpur , Mirpur 14 , Dhaka-1206, Bangladesh

      Bangladesh Goverment Are trying to improve from this Problem. They try to Mark safe and unsafe tubewell by marking Green and red colour. They also suggest to find another source for pure drinking water. etc.

    • Carlon Michelle profile image

      Carlon Michelle 

      7 years ago from USA

      Wow. How horibble. Thank you for making this public. I see research is being done butwhat are they doing to fix the issue?


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