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Updated on July 28, 2009

In countries having hot climate lots of problems erupt. Let us see the common reson for the common skin problems.

PRICKLY HEAT: It occurs due to retention of heat in the sweat pore. Normal secretio of sweat is blocked and a itchy red flash develops.

Staying in a cool environment and air conditioned rooms will be helpful. Soothing lotions like calamine applied locally and high doses of v=Vitamin C will help relieve the discomfort.

BOILS: They are round, painful swellings with a central core of pus. Often they rupture and discharge their contents spontaneously.

Please do not give fermentation but cold compress is good. Antibiotics locally and internally if required will cure them. On the upper lips, nose and other parts of face immediate treatmet with antibiotics is necessary. Do not meddle with these boils as it can lead to a very serious conditions called 'sinus thrombosis" and sometimes meningitis or even septicaemia can develop from them.

FUNGAL INFECTIONS: They are also prvalent in summer. They are slightly raised, scaly patches with borders and centres and the centre is clear. This normally occurs in axillai, groins and waist. A cource of anti fungal tablets and creams will resolve this condition in 4 to 6 weeks.

SUN BURN: It is a response of skin to excessive sunlight. There can be redening, sorenss and sometimes even blistering of the skin in the affected exposed areas. Reflection of the sun's rays off snad, water can also cause sun burn. So be careful the next time you go to a beach or for boating.

Avoiding exposure to sun, use of anti allergy lotions, creams and sun screens can cure this.

Infectious diseases like chicken pox also take their turn in showing their ugly face during summer. Early treatment with anti viral drug will cure it without any complication.


How then can we beat the heat?

  • Keep cool - wear cool, comfortable cotton clothes, preferably in pastel shades.
  • Drink as much as possible of water - atleast 10 glasses daily.
  • Have a bath atleast twice daily during summers.
  • Take lot of fruits like watermelon, fresh vegetables, solid vegitables like cucumber, tomato etc.
  • Drink fluids like buttermilk and tender coconut, make fruit juice with tomato, grapes, fresh lime at home and drink it with pinch of salt to compensate for salt lost during sweating.
  • Do not eat roadside salads and fruits and dont pick packaged fruit juice.
  • Always weae a cap and carry a colored umbrella while going out.
  • If you drive a two wheeler wear light coloured gloves also.
  • Use sun screen and apply it every two hours for i to be reall effective.
  • Avoid exposure to sun especially between 11 am to 3 pm.
  • Wear good quality dark glasses.
  • Carry a bottle of water whenever you go out.



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