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Sleep Well and Reduce Stress with Ecotones

Updated on June 17, 2014

Often I have problems sleeping. A little bit of sleep apnea, combined with a handful of stress with a dash of noisy neighborhood thrown in for good measure. All of this adds up to lose of sleep, which of course leads to even more stress. Pretty much the perfect storm of sleeplessness and stress.

At least, I used to have these sleep and stress problems, I should say.

A couple of years back I got an Ecotones sound machine and it has really helped my sleep and stress problems.

How does this electronic gadget work?

The Ecotones works as a white noise generator. Ambient noise is not the thing that wakes you up at night, or keeps you from falling asleep. It is the changes in the background noise.

I learned this many years back while I was in the Navy. The background noise of the generators and the sea on the hull gets and stays fairly loud, but I would sleep like a baby to spite this noise. At least I would sleep well until the ship lost power. More than once I was jarred suddenly awake when the ship lose power and it suddenly got quiet. A steady noise is actually far better to help you sleep than the sound of silence.

Ecotones has a series of different sounds, times and options to help you sleep. Let's take a look at the different options, that come with this nifty white noise generator.

What the Ecotones white noise generator does.

1. 10 different sounds that are all specially soothing and relaxing. Including: fireplace, waterfall, ocean, meadow, train, rainfall, city, brook, whitenoise, meadow. You can pick and choose the sound that relaxes you the most, or switch to a different sound depending on mood.

2. Rather than just an audio loop for these sounds, which could become a form of repetition itself, this is a high definition recording of natural sounds over a long length of time, that is mixed and modified to eliminate any form of repetition.

3. It has multiple time settings. you can set it to go off in 30, 60, 90 0r 120 minute time increment or even let it run all night.

4. One of my favorite options for this Ecotones white noise generator is one that is small -but important to me. Rather than just simply shutting off it has an option for a gradual shutoff. This way the volume just slowly ramps down rather than abrupt shutoff which may tend to awaken.

5. Adaptive sound. This is another really cool option. This machine actually monitors the background noise in your area, if it detects loud sounds it ramps up its own sounds to mask the unwanted irregular sounds. Conversely if annoying sounds decrease, so does the volume of the Ecotones.

Is the Ecotones good for more than sleep?

Personally, I only use my Ecotones to help with my sleep, but many people claim that it is good for a lot more than just sleep.

The sounds are certainly have a soothing quality. These soothing sounds could certainly help to calm and relax someone who is stressed out. Another added benefit of this relaxing sleep aid.

More sleep aids to help you get a good nights rest.

Sleep Master Sleep Mask
Sleep Master Sleep Mask

Sounds are one of the sense that will wake you up and night and keep you from falling asleep. One of the other senses that keeps you up is light, this simple and fairly low-tech sleep mask can also help to get you a good nights sleep

Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine
Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine

A small and inexpensive sleep machine. This machine does not have the depth of sound or quality of the Ecotones, but it is a lot less expensive and smaller. This could be the perfect option for a smaller sleep tool for travel


See the Ecotones sleep machine in action


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    • ayannavenus profile image

      ayannavenus 4 years ago

      Had never heard of this nifty device. Thanks for sharing