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How to Lose Weight Quickly | Conquer Cravings and Emotional Eating

Updated on February 2, 2016
Woman dreams of hamburgers while eating salad.
Woman dreams of hamburgers while eating salad. | Source

Weight Loss the Healthy, Safe Way

Everybody wants to know how to lose weight quickly. This lens is all about weight loss -- but weight loss the healthy, safe way.

As for losing weight quickly, a weight loss of one and a half pounds to two pounds a week is considered best for women, and perhaps a little more than that for men.

Most authorities would agree that successful weight loss involves a combination of two major components: calorie control and regular exercise.

Food portions are important, as is the type of food that you eat. Although people are quick to tell you that diets don't work -- they will then go on to say that you have to eat in a certain way. Excuse my ignorance, but when you say one must eat in a certain way -- that's a diet! LOL

This article addresses some of the myths about dieting and weight loss. It also introduces you to a new way of managing your weight -- meridian tapping. If you haven't heard of it, you are not alone. But if you are willing to keep an open mind and give it a try, you may be delighted and surprised at the results.

Always Remember

To lose weight safely, eat 500 calories a day less than your caloric requirements.

Alternative Approaches to Weight Loss

When "will power" just isn't enough....

As we all know, "going on a diet" is easy. Its the "staying on it" that's hard. And maintaining the weight loss afterwards is the most difficult challenge of all.

Struggling with the yo-yo diet syndrome is downright miserable. Anyone who has lost substantial amounts of weight only to regain it again understands the feelings of hopelessness and futility that develops.

Although it may feel hopeless, there is good news. Therapeutic approaches such as NLP, EFT (emotional freedom technique or simply "tapping"), self hypnosis and spiritual practices are proving to be extremely helpful in addressing the challenges of yo-yo dieting, food addictions, compulsive overeating, emotional eating and eating disorders.

Men Lose Weight Faster than Women

Men tend to lose weight faster than women, thanks to a different body makeup which produces a faster metabolism. The higher proportion of muscle to fat allows males to drop the pounds faster than their female counterparts can.

So ladies -- do not enter into a weight loss contest with your hubby. The cards are stacked against you with that particular competition. Even if you eat fewer calories and exercise more than your husband does, your guy will lose weight faster than you.

Yes, I agree. It isn't fair. :-)

Diets are Sad

Diets Are Sad
Diets Are Sad | Source

Lose Weight Quickly but Safely. Say No to Starvation Diets

Extremely Low Calorie Diets are BAD!

While its true that extremely low calorie, starvation diets may cause you to lose weight quickly, at least in the beginning, you will be worse off in the end.

Here are five reasons to avoid starvation diets:

1. Your body will perceive (correctly) that it is in danger and will go into survivival mode. To protect itself, you body will adjust your metabolism to burn calories with the maximum efficiency. This lowered metabolism means you will lose weight at a slower rate than you would if you were eating a healthier diet.

2. When your body is not receiving enough calories, especially calories coming from protein food sources, it will burn muscle instead of fat. In other words, your body literally eats itself to survive. You will end up with a higher ratio of fat to muscle.

3. When you go off the diet, you will regain the weight very quickly. Your metabolism has slowed, remember, so you will gain weight faster than ever once you regain normal eating.

4. Extremely low calorie diets are likely to trigger binge eating. You crave food so intensely that you go on a wild binge and consume everything in site.

5. Extreme diets can lead to eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

For healthy weight loss, do not eat less than 1200 calories a day unless you are under medical supervision.

5 Weight Loss Tips

1. Remember that your BMI (body mass index) is more important than your actual weight. Your BMI is a number that represents the ratio of fat to body tissue. You can find BMI calculators at various web sites, including the Web MD site in the links above.

If the scales refuse to budge even though you are doing all the right things, you may be burning fat and building muscle. Since muscle is denser than fat, the scales will not reflect the loss, but you have made excellent progress nevertheless.

When the scales don't move, it can be discouraging, Therefore, I suggest obtaining a digital scale that calculates the percentage of body fat. If the percentage of fat is decreasing, you are doing fine even though the scales may not move for awhile.

2. Be sure to incorporate an exercise routine into your weight loss plan. A good exercise routine has three components: cardio, strength building and flexibility.

Not only will you lose weight faster, but you will feel better physically and you will end up with a firm, toned, healthy body.

3. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout your weight loss program. At least eight cups of water a day is recommended, and more if you are physically active.

Tap Along Weight Loss Video with Jessica Ortner

Jessica Ortner is a prominent tapping practitioner who specializes in weight management. As someone who struggled with obesity herself, Jessica understands the issues and the challenges. She has a best selling book on using tapping for weight management, as well as a coaching program. Much of Jessica's material is available at no charge on Youtube, and her book is economically priced on Amazon.

In the video below, Jessica invites you to tap along with her on a topic familiar to anyone who ever tired to lose weight -- food cravings.

Video Tap Along with Jessica Ortner

Visitors Weight Loss Comments - What do you do to lose weight quickly?

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      Wow, these are great tips! Very comprehensive. Thanks!

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      Very helpful tips, and very simple way of presentation, nice style.

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      your article rocks nightcats, very informative :)

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      June Campbell 5 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

      @ItayaLightbourne: Congrats on your weight loss and thanks for the good tips.

    • ItayaLightbourne profile image

      Itaya Lightbourne 5 years ago from Topeka, KS

      I let go of all the foods that my body was sensitive to. It took a while for me to figure that out but while letting go of those foods I dropped the weight very quickly! I feel it's all about learning to pay close attention to what our bodies are trying to tell us. Great article! :)

    • profile image

      yourpersonaldiet 7 years ago

      Thanks for the great lens. Good work.

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      June Campbell 7 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

      @anonymous: Thank you for posting.

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      extreme fat loss rocks! Thank you for the article

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      June Campbell 8 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

      I'm not familiar with that routine. I'll take a look. Thanks for posting.

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      2danet 8 years ago

      There are some great tips here. Any thoughts on the Core Rhythms dance work out series?

    • junecampbell profile image

      June Campbell 8 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

      [in reply to Carlo Jose] Excellent points, Carlo. EFT is powerful and works in so many ways. I also use it to remove resistance to exercise.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Very informative lens, Here's something that I want to add. By tapping on specific energy points with your fingertips, you are able to resolve the emotional issues behind your overeating and weight gain. EFT training focuses on the energy meridian points in a body and through the tapping is able to balance this meridian system.

      EFT usually gets rid of immediate cravings for sweets, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sex, etc in short order. When that doesn't happen, there is almost always a deeper issue behind the craving.

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      seaves88 8 years ago

      Good info in here. I have a lense on how to cut fat fast and dieting too, check it out!.

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      Wow what a great lens. And if anyone is looking for some fitness & exercise programs This is one of my favorite health & fitness sites. It lets you track food, workouts, and your calories!

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      Great lens!

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      Hey great lens ! 5 stars ! Check out mine if you get a chance. ( Thanks a lot

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      Tomdelbert 9 years ago

      Very nice Lens. 5 stars. I was a big boy all throughout high school tipping in at 120 kilos by the time I left. When I decided to do something about it almost instantly it came off. Now I float around 75 to 85 depending on my training.

      Terry Scarr...

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      anonymous 9 years ago

      it is too hard for me to lose weight...

    • Nimsy LM profile image

      Nimsy LM 9 years ago

      I use TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) which is an offshoot of EFT and eat healthily.

    • ddayse123 profile image

      ddayse123 9 years ago

      Very nice lense. A balance diet and exercising usually works for me. But sometimes I have to use weight loss supplements.

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      fritzroy15 9 years ago

      Hi! I used(and continue to use swimming) to get back and keep in shape. 5 hours/week and not only I lost a lot of weight but also got some nice muscle too in under a month. The same goes for my girlfriend to. Highly recommend.

      Also don't forget to to eat acordingly. A healthy diet is just as important for your effort. Find out more about eating properly!

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      dandepp 9 years ago

      Nice lens, looks of unique content and interestingly laid out! I have a new lens about a certain diet pill that has been clinically proven! You can read my Proactol Review by clicking the link and see if it will help you lose weight - be sure to say hello while you are there!


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      It was a tough call...this lens or your peanut butter chocolate fudge lens...but I chose this one! :o)...maybe I'm already on the right track LOL

      Good tips! Thanks

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      Lots of good resource links and tips here for losing weight. Thanks.

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      Great information. Another source I recommend is Tom Venuto's ebook "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle". I really gives in depth guidance on how to burn fat and maintain muscle, which is really the key to keeping weight off in the long run.

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      Great lens! I've given it a lensroll on my Amazingly Delicious Healthy Guilt-Free Pie Recipes lens. Plus I'm giving you 5 stars :)