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Slimming Down For Swimsuit Season With Ayurveda

Updated on December 27, 2015

Summer Is Swimsuit Time

Summer is a glorious time of year. After months of being cocooned inside, wrapped up in layers upon layers of clothing, summer is the time to break out. It is time to head to the beach and catch some rays and waves. Many of us may find that after peeling away all those layers and layers of soft, fluffy clothing, our bodies have become soft and fluffy also. UGH!

Before we hit the beach, we take a trip to the local bookstore and hit the crash diet section. These diets can be shocking and harmful to our bodies. Since we know we want to lose extra pounds, doesn't it make more sense to chose a diet that will help us not only get to that perfect swimsuit weight, but also help us gain health and wellness as well.

Ayurveda And Your Weight Loss Issues

Ayurveda could be the solution to your weight loss issues. Ayurveda, translated ‘science of life’, originated in India some five thousand years ago. It is an ancient Eastern healing science that incorporates your whole being and life into a balanced lifestyle. With a little knowledge you can be on your way to a healthier, swimsuit slim, lifestyle that will last all year round.

To begin getting fit with Ayurveda, you will first have to determine your primary dosha. Dosha is your body type or constitution. There are three primary doshas: vata, pitta, and kapha. Everyone is made up of parts of each type, but one dosha will be dominant in each individual person. The following is a partial list to help you determine your primary dosha.

Vata: If this is your predominant dosha you are creative, imaginative, and learn quickly. You also forget easily. You walk and talk quickly. Life is somewhat chaotic for vatas. Often you have disconnecting thoughts that lack focus. Those short bursts of energy that you are prone to, leave you exhausted. Though you are fun to be with and enjoy your life, you may tend to be moody and impulsive. If you are a vata, you are likely already thin. Your skin and hair will be dry.

Pitta: You are self confident, organized, and focused. You also lean toward anger when under stress. You like to be the leader. Your skin is fair, may sunburn easily. Your hair is generally straight and thin and will normally be blond or red. You are passionate, romantic, and love to surround yourself with beauty. If pitta is your predominate dosha, you are probably of medium build. You probably gain a few too many pounds over the winter season but are not necessarily obese.

Kapha: You are the calm, easygoing type. You forgive easily and are not judgmental of others. Physically you are strong, mentally you have an amazing memory. You are probably that ’rock’, that stable person that others gravitate to. You are the best friend of many people. There is a softness to your hair, eyes, and skin. Kaphas tend to be possessive with people and things. You are of larger build.

Ayurveda and the Six Tastes

This list is only a partial list which gives you a general idea about where to start losing excess weight. Once you have determined your dominant dosha choose foods that get your digestive fires going accordingly. In Ayurveda, foods are categorized into six tastes. These are sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent.

Examples of foods for each of the six tastes are:

Sweet: carrots, fennel bulb, honey, rice, pasta, milk, butter, bread

Sour: lemons, limes, yogurt, cheese

Salty: salt and any food to which you add salt

Bitter: Arugula, endive, spinach, romaine lettuce, chard, kale, chicory.

Pungent: radish, ginger root, cayenne, chili peppers, any hot tasting spice

Astringent: Cabbage, broccoli, cilantro, beans, lentils, apples, pears

If weight loss is your goal, choose foods from the bitter, pungent, and astringent tastes. These give your digestive process a kick and help with elimination, both of which are essential to losing extra pounds. If you begin craving sweets, choose rice or dried fruit. Dried fruit is sweeter than fresh and will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Ayurveda Prescribed Exercise for Weight Loss

Eating is only part of the process toward getting that fabulous swimsuit body. There is the aspect of exercise. For many of us, exercise is the toughest part of slimming down. It is, however, necessary for your health and your remarkable new look. Choose an exercise regimen that fits your particular dosha.

Vatas need gentle movements. Yoga or tai chi should make up the bulk of your exercise program. Adding in a little dance aerobics for your heart and weights for strength.

Pittas are energetic by nature and need energetic, vigorous exercise. Your program should consist of aerobics for inside workouts. Since you love the outdoors, rugged trail hikes will put you at your best.

Kaphas require a more dynamic exercise program. Running, swimming, hiking and dancing are all excellent choices for the strong kaphas.

Rest, relaxation, and meditation are also vital to slimming down and maintaining health. Everyone needs a little ‘down time’ in order to bring the whole being into balance. Aromatherapy is the perfect way to wind down after a hectic day in your life. Chamomile is wonderfully calming used in your bath or in a diffuser. Other calming scents are lavender, marjoram, and jasmine. Your meditation is your own. You can practice meditation no matter what belief system you adhere to. If you have never used meditation as a relaxation technique, the first thing keep in mind is what you are meditating on. Always focus on good, positive things during your meditation session.

Begin today to bring yourself to your goal weight. You will soon find yourself fitting into that amazing new swimsuit. You will also be able to maintain that fab figure even during the next winter season that rolls around.

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