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SLS Free Toothpaste

Updated on May 6, 2014

Hard to find, yes, but worth the effort

The foaming agent sodium lauryl sulfate, found in so many personal hygiene products, can cause chronic dry mouth and painful canker sores. That was my story until my dentist suggested switching to a no-sulfate producct. The only challenge at that point was actually finding such a product. Biotene, still a great choice for dry mouth, was about the only drugstore option back when I made the switch. But over the years I discovered more varieties of sulfate free toothpaste, including some for my kids. My mouth has been so much happier, and I hope yours will, too, when you find the right product. Most of the brands here do contain fluoride, as is my preference, but there are a couple of fluoride-free types listed too. Use them in good health :)


I'm indebted to this, my first sulfate free toothpaste, for ending my canker sore problem. It's particularly helpful for chronic dry mouth.


Can 200+ user raves be wrong? Probably not. This whitening toothpaste, free of SLS, is on my must-try list.


Tom's of Maine is one of the best known "green" hygiene brands, and it delivers again with this one.

Natural Dentist

This is my current favorite brand. It's become our "house" variety. Stores near us don't carry it, so I buy it from Amazon in multiples. Just ordered another 3-pack!


A popular option among those who need SLS free toothpaste.


This is a true herbal toothpaste, without sulfates but also without fluoride.

Kiss My Face

Another product that is fluoride as well as sulfate free.

Kiss My Face Kids'

This colorfully packaged kids' sulfate free toothpaste, a favorite of my 3 kids for years, does have cavity-fighting fluoride ... just not the unnecessary foaming agents.

Natural Dentist Kids'

This was my teens' 2nd favorite toothpaste when they were younger, after the Kiss Kids type.

~ treat your hair right, too!~

sulfate free shampoo brands


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    • crafters6 profile image

      crafters6 4 years ago

      Thanks for the info. Will look into this. I knew about the probelms with shampoo, but didn't think about toothpaste. We have already switched to tooth oils in place of tooth pastes for other reasons.