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Smile it's showtime!

Updated on October 2, 2009
reality- is it real
reality- is it real


Emotions fill us every waking moment, they sometime serve us and sometimes they attack.  There are times when we feel we are finally at ease with them and then all of a sudden we are blindsided by feelings that we thought were forgotten or at least hidden.   It is at times when theses emotions are reveled that we feel tightness that ushers in the headaches that torment our lives. Even for the most emotionally stable of us these headaches can rip a hole in our peace of mind altering reality as we know it.


For me these headaches are migraines. I have suffered with them since I was six years old, first grade, and at the ripe old age of fifty six, I still feel their fury.  When I try to write, they draw my concentration to places I don’t want to go.  They make me feel dull and unattached to anything, thus making it hard to put words together in sentences that even begin to make sense.  There doesn’t even seem to any reason that they start, they just do.   I can feel great for days and sometimes even weeks an then hello, it hits full force and disrupts my life with all the ferocity that they can dish out.


There is a numbness that resonates inside my head that tears at my peace of mind and demoralizes me.  I smile through it all, and only those that know me best have even an inkling of what I am going through.  Most people think I’m fine. Well here I go again paste on that smile and face life as thought there are no problems or pain.


Smile It’s Showtime!


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    • profile image

      Anna 8 years ago

      Valerie, grab the good moments...bless others with that wonderful smile! The creater of your being bore the stripes for your healing. Expect a daily renewal to share your life!!!