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Stop Smoking Now!

Updated on March 7, 2014

Smoke No More...

Why should you stop smoking?

If you smoke, you will age prematurely and stand a very good chance of dying many years before you would have if you didn't smoke.

This lens is dedicated to everyone who wants to give it up completely and stop smoking.

Even if you don't know it yet - you will want to stop smoking one day very soon. There are too many reasons why you should and just not enough reasons why you should not.

This lens will show you some of those reasons and give you some solutions to what many erroneously see as the difficulty in giving up smoking.

So make a mental note that today you will quit smoking for yourself.

Hello Gorgeous, Got a Cigarette?

See this woman in the picture? Well, if you want to look like her when you get old, fine. But why wait? Just smoke away like mad and you can have that look in just a few years!

The damage that smoking does to your body, cell and lung tissue, arteries, heart and many other parts of your body is incalculable in terms of not only shortening your life, but reducing the level of your health while you are still alive.

For people who suffer with a bronchial condition such as asthma, they don't need me to tell them that they are probably needing a heck of a lot more asthma treatment if they smoke than if they don't.

Yep, smoking wrecks you skin, rots your lungs, gives you suck wrinkles on your top lip (oh, nice!), makes your breath reek of old ashtrays, destroys your sense of tastes and smell, makes your hair stink like a smoky old bar, gives you an old tramp's cough in the morning, makes your fingers yellow and costs an absolute fortune (that your government thanks you for).

One more thing. It will kill you.

Go ahead... Have another cigarette... keep looking at the picture - it could be YOU sooner than you think!

Now do you want to stop smoking?

Is Nicotine Really Addictive?

Just when you thought it was plain as the nose on your face...

Well, everyone knows that nicotine is the addictive chemical in tobacco that keeps you coming back for more, right?

Is it really?

Naturally that's what the tobacco companies and the government want you to believe. And they go out of their way to make sure everyone believes it's true, because they make billions of dollars from your nasty habit.

Imagine if it were made publicly known that in reality, that nicotine were no more addictive than fingernails. What would happen?

Don't you think a whole lot of people who thought they couldn't quit because of the addiction, now faced with the fact they were not addicted at all, would simply quit? How much would the tobacco industry lose overnight? For that matter, the government would suddenly find a rather gaping hole in its revenue source from the loss of cigarette taxation.

Think about it like this.

Ok, if you bite your fingernails - it's a devil of a job to stop - and for some people it's just impossible. But are fingernails addictive? Don't take too long thinking about that... the answer is a resounding NO!

You know, when a million people all stand up and tell you something, then one person stands up and says they're all wrong, who is right? The million people, because they have strength in numbers and let's face it, a million people can't all be wrong, can they?

Think about it.

Adolf Hitler made 40 million or so people believe that it was their birthright to rule the world. He made them all believe they were right. Any German that stood up to them and tried to stop it happening was of course wrong.

Who was truly right and who was truly wrong? The 40 million or so people? Or the handful of opposers of the Third Reich?

When you can stand back and see the bigger picture you know full well that the the few who opposed the Third Reich were right, but with 40 million people all shouting you down and telling you they are right and you are wrong, who do you believe?

So when a worldwide population of smokers, backed up by eminent doctors and other professional people as well as governments, all stand up and tell you that they believe nicotine is an a chemically addictive substance - like heroine, or cocaine etc - and one person stands up and says that it is no more addictive than fingernails, who is right?

When Christopher Columbus said "The world is round" a whole country full of people thought he was mad. Were they right because of the power in numbers?

No, they were wrong!

One man against a whole country and he was right and they were wrong!

What did Christopher Columbus have to do to convince them? He had to show them by sailing off the edge of the world and then sailing back again alive and well.

I'll let you ponder over that for a while before I post some rather interesting "evidence" to back up my claim that:


That's correct everybody. Nicotine is NOT a chemically addictive substance.

And you are all being lied to.

* Lied to by the media

* Lied to by politicians

* Lied to by the tobacco industry

* Lied to by eminent doctors and physicians

* Lied to by your family and friends

* Lied to by yourself!

Because everybody, including you believes the same damned lie. Just like everybody once believed the world was flat!

Isn't it time you started to think for yourself?

Some Properties of a Chemically Addictive Drug

If you thought nicotine was addictive, you should read and understand this...

To understand why nicotine is NOT an addictive drug, we first have to understand exactly what a chemically addictive drug is and how it acts on the body.

So let's look at the properties of a chemically addictive drug. Like heroine, vallium or cocaine:

After a short period of time, the body comes to depend on a chemically addictive drug, for "normal" functioning. Then to maintain any benefit from it, you have to gradually, and continuously increase the dosage.

How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?

It's a comfortable number that stays pretty constant, day in and day out. Right?

With a chemically addictive drug, as the levels of that drug drop within the body, a new dose has to be taken, even at night.

Do you wake up every hour of the night, dying for a cigarette as your nicotine levels decrease?

Of course you don't!

Likewise, you don't wake up in the morning and smoke 10 cigarettes straight off to restore your level of nicotine. It is an indisputable fact that most of the nicotine disappears from the body overnight and is flushed when you urinate in the morning. You start each new day nicotine free!

If nicotine, or any of the other chemicals found in tobacco smoke were addictive, you would have to replace them.

Anybody addicted to a chemically addictive substance who suddenly stops taking it, goes through hell. The withdrawal is called cold turkey.

It's called that because one of the effects of cold turkey is constant temperature changes giving "goose bumps". All of the symptoms of cold turkey are the same for everyone. They include violent stomach cramps, extreme nausea, diarrhoea, the sensation of inflamed joints, tremors and delirium.

Do you know anyone who suffered all those symptoms when they stopped smoking? Not just one or two - ALL OF THEM. That's what withdrawal symptoms from a chemically addictive drug are.

This does NOT happen with smoking.

The so-called withdrawal will be whatever you believe it'll be. Some people get angry, some hungry, some tense, others lethargic. And for many people, absolutely nothing at all.

Most people can recall somebody, a relative or friend, who just quit. No so-called withdrawal. Just quit and that was the end of it.

Know someone like that?

The bottom line is: SMOKING IS A HABIT.

A bad, unhealthy, difficult to quit habit, but a habit nonetheless. Just like biting fingernails...

Properties of a Chemically Addictive Drug (Cont'd)

Ever heard of the conditioned response?

Here's the story of Pavlov's dogs. He kept dogs in a cage and noticed that when he brought them food, the dogs would naturally begin to salivate in anticipation of eating the food.

So Pavlov set up an experiment whereby he rang a bell prior to bringing the dogs the food every day for several weeks. Then one day, he rang the bell but brought no food. The dogs still salivated in anticipation even though there was no food.

What happened there is a conditioned response. Dogs hear bell(condition) - expect food and salivate (response).

Ok, you get the idea.

You create similar programs in your subconscious:

You experience danger (condition), you automatically produce adrenaline (response). Once this conditioned response is learned, even the suggestion of danger causes you to produce adrenaline. That's how horror movies make money.

Have a cup of tea or coffee(condition) - light cigarette(response)

Finish a meal (condition) - light cigarette (response)

Wake up in the morning (condition) - light a cigarette (response)


These are all associations you make with doing a particular thing and always lighting a cigarette with them. You have been training yourself, probably for years to do these things together, so is it any wonder you have so much trouble suddenly doing one without the other when you quit smoking?

When you have that next cup of coffee but no cigarette, your mind screams at you that there is something missing - and you really are missing something there! Of course, you've lit a cigarette with every cup of coffee for however many years and when you fail to do it, you get a real feeling of withdrawal.

Ah, that word creeps in! Withdrawal.

Withdrawal is a feeling you get when you do something that used to be in two parts that you've done for a long time. In this example, it is drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette. Except now you are drinking the coffee but there is no cigarette. Your mind expects the cigarette to go with the coffee, so it keeps reminding you:

"HEY, is that coffee you're drinking there? Well where the hell is the other thing???"

It feels like a craving. And in some ways it is, except it is very different from the craving a drug user feels when they need the next fix. That is a chemical dependent craving. When you don't complete an act like having a coffee and the smoke together, what you're really getting is a mental craving to complete the act.

Like biting your nails.

When you make a conscious decision to quit biting your nails, you can do it for a while, but as soon as a situation arises where you used to bite your nails a lot, for instance a stressful situation like maybe being late for an appointment - well you'll find yourself looking at your fingers and wanting to bite those nails again. It will feel like a craving, but you know its not because its pretty stupid to even think that finger nails are addictive substances!

Oh? Do I see a lightbulb lighting up there?

So the craving you think you get when you don't have a cigarette for a while comes from your mind, not from your body. Its the result of a habit.

Your mind conceives a habit, it creates a habit. So your mind reminds you when its time for the next cigarette, and if it doesn't get it right away, it complains, and makes you feel like there's something missing.

This is why so many people fail to quit. They try to give up without addressing these associations. A part of their life will seem to be missing. Their subconscious will remind them of it, to the point where they may interpret it as a craving, which it is not.

By the way, has there ever been any UK government allowing the production, marketing, and sale in corner shops and supermarkets and taken taxation from any highly addictive drugs? They don't do it with heroin, cocaine, or Vallium, if nicotine was addictive they wouldn't do it with that either!


It's important that you accept this. Its so much easier to stop doing something if you know that you're not addicted to it.

Stop Smoking With YouTube - It doesn't all have to be serious, you know!

Here is a video look at some cool ways to stop smoking...

NOW: Stop Smoking For Good!

So have I convinced you that quitting that expensive and dangerous habit is the right thing to do? The next step is in your hands. No one else can quit for you - it's something YOU have to do for yourself.

This easy to download eBook and Audio book package combines to give you a powerful method of quitting smoking for good. You owe it to your family, friends and self to just do it!

If you are serious about quitting smoking, just click on the image to have a look at the author's homepage for more information.



By way of offering you a choice of products to help you quit smoking, here is the "Quit Smoking Right Now" package.

This program has been created by a forty-nine year old ex-smoker who used his own methods to quit and stay quit!

It's reassuringly expensive, but then what price would you like to place on your life? But don't take my word for it, click the link below or the image to head over to the author's website to find out some more about this incredible package.

For the Quit Smoking Right Now package, Click this link: Quit Smoking

Alternative Cures To Stop Smoking

There are several Alternative Cures that are very successful in helping people to stop smoking. They work mainly on the person who wants to quit smoking by using their already strong belief in that they can quit.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy have been proved to be the number one alternative therapy remedy to help people to stop smoking.

Acupuncture is also very good at helping you stop.

Reflexology can help by relieving the stress associated with quitting.

Reiki healing techniques can also work very well in helping to remove the perceived "need" to smoke.


None of these methods will work, or any other method for that matter unless the one, most important condition is satisfied:

You must WANT to stop smoking!

Parting Comments

If you're in need of some really healthy info, there are plenty of other places you can get it. I have several lenses dedicated to alternative health and lifestyle so please check them out in my profile.

As for a parting comment of two, we all should ensure we get enough vitamin B complex in our diet and if we can't get the full daily amount from the food we eat, then we could boost the levels of with some supplements.

Of course, you could always seek to address your weight with some good slimming information, as they can really set you straight. But remember that you should always combine diet with light exercise for the best results when trying to lose a little weight!

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    • TheBaseballCoach profile image


      6 years ago

      I quit nine months ago and your lens has reinfirced my will to stay on the wagon. Thanks

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i really enjoyed this and as someone that smokes i agree totally i dont wake up at night or in the morning but i bet if i was a heroin addict i would.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I smoked for a couple of years. I found that the chemical part was the easy part of the addiction while the hard part was the mental habit. Good post though it was interesting.

    • honestway lm profile imageAUTHOR

      honestway lm 

      10 years ago

      That's nice of you to say so, but I don't take articles from other sites. These are all my own work and if I catch anyone scraping them there will be trouble.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Great Lens, Terry! Great info and advice to help others kick them butts in the butt! 5 Stars for You!

    • CliveAnderson LM profile image

      CliveAnderson LM 

      11 years ago

      Very Interesting Terry, And also very true I feel. Fortunately I managed to give up by myself after being owned by the habit for over 25 years. That was eight months ago now and I don't even worry about it now. Great lens I hope it helps others... Good cause. 5 stars. Clive Anderson.


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