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How to Quit Smoking for Good - How i Quit

Updated on August 24, 2015
You can quit smoking!
You can quit smoking!

My story on how I quit smoking and it actually worked!

Just when I thought I had pretty much seen it all… This “one” kind of blew my socks off.

I was nosing around the internet one day and got sidetracked somehow I’m not sure how… but getting off the search track this day I certainly did. I saw some ad or stumbled on a site that was promoting a product called an “e-cigarette”.

An e-cigarette – “huh?”

“What the heck is that?” I said to myself… and so, I just had to have a closer look because I literally couldn’t believe what I was reading and seeing.

Apparently, an e-cigarette is an “electronic” cigarette... and some of these e-cigarette companies claim that their e-cig products are actual smoking cessation products.


Anyway… it wasn’t quite as weird as I first thought. Apparently the intriguing technology originally comes out of India and even though it's new to me, this type of smoking product has been around for a while.

How it simply works is that you literally plug in one part of the cigarette into a charger-unit and the other part (the cartridge) fuels and holds nicotine. After it's charged, you then screw the two (or three) parts together and you can smoke it just like a regular cigarette.

No mess and no fuss and no stink either...

What’s different is that you don’t inhale actual smoke. The e-cig is operates as a vaporizer that generates vapor instead of smoke. These electronic cigarettes look, feel and draw like regular cigarettes and you won’t smell like an ashtray either.

So, you’re supposed to be able to smoke anywhere because it doesn’t bother anyone being there's no smoke. Plus, it’s also a lot cheaper than buying regular cigarettes because you use the unit over and over – you just have to replace the nicotine cartridges. I also saw that you can choose different flavours of nicotine cartridges – coffee, chocolate, mint and more. You can also get rid of all your past smoking gear… no more lighters or ashtrays – ta da.!

The companies that create these products claim that smoking this way is much cleaner and healthier because there’s no actual smoke including any nasty chemicals and cancer–causing agents like in regular cigarettes. And so, it’s a cleaner way to smoke...

I guess that’s good news for the smokers of the world.

These companies also claim that you can use the electric cigarette as a method to help you quit smoking and a way to kick the smoking habit - a new "quit smoking cigarette"... that is, if you want to quit smoking. They say the main reason why people smoke is for the nicotine addiction anyway. But why advocate addiction to nicotine?

What I think is particularly cool about an e-cigarette alternative to the usual tobacco cigarette is that you can also choose the strength or amount of nicotine you smoke. So, if you want to wean yourself off nicotine and/or quit smoking eventually, some of the quit smoking electronic cigarettes available on the market today offer nicotine cartridges from super strength to zero (0).

I have to admit that I kind of wish e-cigarettes were around when I was quitting smoking.

Back 25+ years ago when I was trying to quit smoking there weren’t many “quit smoking aids” around then. We didn’t have the patch or even nicotine gum! You either had to quit cold turkey or spend a lot of money going to “quit smoking” seminars or counselling.

Some recommended books that might help you quit smoking...

My story on how I quit smoking cigarettes - it's pretty funny... but it worked!

After many numerous failed attempts of trying to quit, I finally quit smoking by using a bizarre little hypnotherapy tape series that a good friend passed onto me. I just followed the steps and quit smoking completely over a long weekend. It certainly wasn’t a very nice way to quit, but it actually worked. Basically I got to smoke my brains out during those three days and by the time the weekend was over, I was certainly ready to quit!

How that program worked was first off... I was asked to get rid of all my smoking paraphenalia – everything. No more lighter, no more extra packs of cigarettes in the freezer. Also, I was instructed to get a mayonnaise jar *with a lid) and fill it up with some water and use that for the duration of the weekend instead of using an ashtray.

I was also instructed to get rid of my usual brand of (light) cigarettes and buy a brand stronger than I was used to and smoke them. I stupidly chose Gitane French cigarettes with no filters.

What the **** was I thinking?!

Anyway… during the three days I was asked to smoke twice as much than I usually did and make every effort to smoke that full amount.

I was a “pack-a-day” smoker... so, that meant I had to attempt to smoke two packs a day. And of course use that wonderful mayonnaise jar as my only ashtray. I had to take it with me everywhere I went. Needless to say, I chose not to go out much that weekend.

The first day I had an absolute blast smoking as much as I wanted to and by the end of that first day, I amazingly managed to smoke the two full packs – 50 cigarettes. I went to bed feeling a tad buzzed from all the nicotine and had a sore throat.

Also, during the day/weekend, I was also asked to listen to hypnotherapy tapes that basically guided me through meditative visualizations to “cleanse” the inside of my body and lungs with a nice green liquid, etc. I have to admit that listening to those tapes and smoking like a mad fiend really didn’t make much sense at all and was quite confusing.

The next day I was instructed to smoke three packs! Ugh.. I didn’t even get near that one – I think I got close to just the 2 packs by the end of that day. And you should have seen that mayonnaise jar – whoa! I now had it in a paper bag because I couldn’t stand to look at it anymore. Plus I was feeling kind of ill.

On the morning of the third day, I was told to take out 5 cigarettes from my pack, sit on a chair in front of a mirror and smoke each cig in a chain-like fashion within a 15 minute time frame.

By the time I got through the third cigarette, there was so much smoke; I couldn’t even see my self in the mirror in front of me. I started to laugh hysterically… and finally realized just how silly this all was. I listened to the tape again and after, was instructed to finally stop smoking.

Hooray! I was sooo glad to finally stop smoking; I started to jump up and down with sheer joy.

I’ve never looked back and never started smoking again. And so, it worked for me – but it was sure an ugly way to quit.

I’m not sure having an electronic cigarette would have helped me quit or not. In fact, I bet it would have probably kept me smoking. I was one of those people who really enjoyed smoking and always thought I would. Though it was being mindful of my health and being a singer that urged me to quit finally, including the high expense too.

So, are you trying or wanting to quit smoking or at least cut down on the amount you smoke? Or, are you one of the many who would like to continue smoking but would like to do it a lot healthier?

Well, consider looking into trying an e-cigarette – you’ll probably make a lot of people a lot happier because you won’t stink or pollute the air around you plus, the environment will be a lot cleaner too.

Maybe everyone who smokes should use an electronic cigarette – so we won’t have to have all those ugly butts scattered all over our streets and parks!

I’m sure the nightclubs, bars and coffee shops will be a lot happier to have their smoking customers back but I would also think that the tobacco conglomerates could be getting a little nervous too…

Happy e-smoking with a new-fangled electric cigarette machine!

What next eh?

• weaver is an artist, musician, poet, sacred drummer and an energy healing practitioner from Canada and is passionate about health and wellness both spiritually and physically… Find out more about her work at or her passion about health and wellness at

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Copyright by weaver © 2009-2015 • all rights reserved


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