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How To Choose The Right Social Care Service UK

Updated on March 6, 2012

Social Care Service In The UK

There are many types of care services in the UK. Not only are social care service divided into home care and residential care. The case is that, there are many new schemes, such as, extra care housing or sheltered housing which allows the client to live independently while receiving care if and when they need it.

The Clients can mix and match other types of care. They can have respite care, that is, short breaks for a friend or relative who is looking after them.

Good Care From Care Providers

In order for a client to receive good care, one of the factors is good communication between the care worker and the client.

Anyone who wants to care for another should understand what the needs of the client are.

The care workers should have time to get to know the client who is going to receive care service from them properly, so that both of them can agree on a care plan that will suit the client's needs.

The Care Plan

The care plan is a document that sets out what the client's needs are and how care staff will meet these needs.

These are some of the things that should be included in the care plan: the client's personal, social and health needs, and how these needs will be met.

The care plans are to be reviewed regularly, to see which needs have been met and which needs to be improved on.

As a client, your care workers should listen to you and let you know when, how and what they plan to do for you.

Where To Find The Right Social Care Service

There are many places to use in finding the right social care services in the UK. The first place is the Local Council. Your local council will carry out what is called "care assessment" to find out what type of care you will need.

The care assessment will involve the council talking to you, your family and friends to find out exactly what type of care you will receive.

These are the types of care services available in the UK:

  • Care Homes for Adults aged 18 to 65
  • Care Homes for Older People
  • Adult Placement Schemes
  • Care Homes with Adult Placements
  • Nurses' Agencies
  • Domiciliary Care, which is care at home

Staying In Control Of Your Care

In the UK, all or part of the care money may come from the council, the fact remains that you are still the customer.

You as the client have the right for your opinions to be respected and be listened to by your care workers or provider.

Even though the council may pay for your care, you can manage your own budgets for your care, as Government introduced a system which is called "direct payments".

What happens is that the council pays you as a care receiver some agreed amount of money. You can then use this money plus your own balance to pay for your own care. This way, the care workers work for you and not the council.


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