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Sodium in human health

Updated on July 25, 2016
Salt | Source

What is Sodium?

Sodium is a silver-white soft waxy ductile element of the alkali metal group that occurs abundantly in combined form and is very active chemically. The most common form of sodium is the sodium chloride or the SALT. We are using salt in our daily living, we put salt to our foods that we eat. Salt are very common in foods like french fries, junks foods.

Sodium In Human Health

Salt or sodium is one of the vital mineral that our body needs. But to much salt can cause harm. The advisable salt intake to a person is 2.3 grams of salt per day.

Some people really don't care with the foods they eat. As long as the taste is good we go for it. We don't even knowing the nutrition benefits of the food we eat. One of the most common nutrient that we get from food is sodium.

Only few people look for the sodium content consistently in its food they eat. And to tell you frankly I'm one of those few people, Who love eating high sodium content foods like french fries, burgers, chicken from fast food restaurants, savory snacks or junks foods, frozen meals, canned foods and processed meat. Wow! taste good right?. We can't deny that people who have hectic schedules like me cannot avoid eating this kind of foods. Because it is much affordable and very easy to prepare right? Sounds good,but do you think this is good for your health also? The reality is excessive sodium intake can cause harm in the human body. It can cause disease like kidney failure, heart disease, high blood pressure and many more. I'm writing this article to inform people like me about the facts of excessive sodium intake in human health.

Tips on how to avoid this diseases

  • Use a natural sea salt as alternative for commercialized salt.
  • Before you buy everything from groceries read the label to track the sodium content in the food.
  • Eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.
  • Choose fresh fruits or vegetables rather than canned.
  • Buy unsalted snacks or foods.
  • Minimized salt from your foods.
  • Be vigilant with your diet.

Here are the List of Disease resulting to Excessive Sodium Intake

The facts

Excessive sodium intake can Cause:

  • Hypertension - Study shows that excessive sodium consumption can cause hypertension. Because sodium can holds excess fluid in the body.
  • Kidney failure - Study shows that over consumption of sodium can bring you high blood pressure. This High blood pressure can cause damage to your kidney.
  • Heart Failure - Study shows that sodium can cause heart failure. Because sodium has the ability to build up extra fluids in the body then, this extra fluid in the body can make your heart to work harder and can caused damage to your heart.

  • Osteoporosis - Study shows that sodium can increases calcium losses in the urine. Calcium loss can damage your bones and cause osteoporosis.

Table for Recommended Sodium intake per age

(click column header to sort results)
Recomended Sodium Intake  
Children aged 1 to 3
1000 mg
Children aged 4 to 8
1,200 mg
People aged 9 to 50
1,500 mg
Adults aged 51 to 70
1,300 mg
Seniors over 70 years of age.
1,200 mg
Data from Institute of Mideicine Canada

Be happy of being healthy


Be healthy Today

Be healthy because our Body is a precious Gift from God. Take care of it. Our future health is in our hand.. Eat good foods. You can also take a nutrition supplements which is available in the markets. If you want to spend less money, you can eat fresh foods and vegetables that are much lesser cost than those food supplements. Always remember to take good care of your self.. Eat less sudium.


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