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Solutions To Ear Infections

Updated on August 27, 2016
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CC by Flickr | Source

Chronic ear infection a way of life for many children and a cause of contention for mothers exist in controversy. But, with diligent watch and preemptive care, it becomes a defeated foe.

A Visit

As a single parent having an ill child is emotionally draining and frequently stressful. At infant age communication is limited with a howling child who, is unable to talk and hence tell where it hurts; both parent and baby coincide in this helpless scenario. So it was between my daughter and me during her chronic ear infection stage. Almost every three months she had an ear infection and every visit to the hospital and eventually doctor would consist of tears. My daughter cried during the examination and as the doctor asks, “What seems to be the problem?” My response was a sobbing, “I don’t know”. The skilled doctors would have two babies to contest with, the adult baby and the infant. We struggled with this enduring infection until the dawn of winter when my dad visited us. In one of our many conversations, my daughter’s frequent doctor visits overtook our talks. He said he was “surprised at me” because I did not give her the tonic that he used to give us when we were little. When he returned home, he posted the supplement to me and upon daily intakes my daughter never suffered another ear infection. This booster can no longer be found on drug store shelves nevertheless, it was an old remedy that worked.

What Causes Ear Infection?

Almost all of baby’s activities starts and ends in a reclining positon. It is this position that impacts the normal drainage of the back throat. Hence, the flow of fluids via the Eustachian tubes” gets obstructed. This means that baby’s middle ear, back area of the nose, and throat become vulnerable to milk, water, or other fluids. When the ear tubes do not drain the ear becomes infected which ultimately jars the eardrum and causes baby pain and varying discomforts. The Eustachian tubes can likewise get infected by mucus, excesses exposure to cigarette smoke, or irregular pressure as experienced when flying.

Halt The Flow

Breast milk impedes ear infections. However many mothers cannot breastfeed, with them in mind, here are a few at home preventive measures to incorporate in baby’s daily routine. Slant baby when bottle feeding to prevent the back flow of liquid. With running nose from cold symptoms regularly remove the excess mucus, this will prevent the substance from entering baby’s middle ear. Frequent the use of a humidifier to reduce “allergens”; experts assert these particles are known to cause middle ear build up.

CC by Flickr
CC by Flickr | Source

One Way Of Preventing Infection

Experts declare, one major benefit of breastfeeding, lowering the odds of ear infection, comes from the presents of a strong dose of mother’s “antibodies”. Hence when my father suggested the tonic, of which he used for his 10 children, he hinted to the building of the immune system as a prohibitive of my daughter’s affliction. The enhancer, or for many, the vitamin supplement builds baby’s system and acts as a substitute for mother’s counteractant. There are no studies to prove this observation; this is exclusively subjective. The supplement given to my daughter stopped her chronic ailment. In fact she was healthier, as she ate, and slept better. My father’s ten children, myself included experienced the same. If one is to believe the experts, that children from 6 to 24 months suffered from ear infections notably “otitis media”, because they no longer had “mother’s antibodies” this inclination is an auxiliary to my father’s deterrent for ear infection in particular and good health in general. The supplement help build my daughter’s immune system.

Another Cure

Before presenting the next alternative care, take note of this caveat - the science is not yet established for this or the below listed treatments. The care is supported by a few initial studies as well as shared opinions of mothers who implemented the remedies. The first study maintains the application of pressure to a child’s spinal cord can reduce infections. A traumatic birth, results in a subtle shift of the “cervical vertebrae”. The misalignment via muscles indirectly affects the Eustachian tubes. As previously mentioned any impact to these tubes results in an infection. This study was conducted by the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics. The association states the manipulation of the spine adjusts the tubes so that it functions normally therefore curing contamination of the inner ear.

Two Other Remedies

Acupuncture, more of a cultural antidote, replaces the traditional use of antibiotics and surgery for inner ear disorders. The support for this particular care comes from the National Institutes of Health, their study declares that the “live energy, qi” (chee) is interrupted and as such once the chee is restored children will no longer be ill. The second option is the use of oil, mullein-oil or garlic-oil, in baby’s ear and as a supplement, respectively. Taking into account that babies, due to their sensitive systems should not be given certain foods, do not give these oils to infants and one year olds.

CC by Flickr
CC by Flickr | Source

Traditional Care

At the onset, my daughter’s infections were treated with “antibiotics”. It was not something I wished for, but as a weepy helpless mother who could not think clearly on how best to care for my daughter, it became my best option. Today many doctors will not prescribe antibiotics to toddlers. They state it builds an immunity to certain medications. They will allow infants to be treated with antibiotics because babies are at a critical stage and doctors prefer to function under the protective umbrella of caution. Some studies declare that antibiotics do not cure the infection, it is a temporary relief hence your child’s chronic condition. Many babies have undergone surgery for their ear issues, appropriately 512,000 received “tympanostomy tubes” placement. These tubes allow for constant drainage. After a year, the body flushes the tubes out of its system. Children usually have this surgery after they were hospitalized owing to adverse symptoms. This operation entails anesthesia and therefore has some risks.

A Mother’s Decision

How a mother chooses to deal with her child’s chronic disorder will always be a personal decision. All too often, it is an action based on fear and panic. Whatever the outcome don’t beat yourself up about it, know you are doing the best you can. This inability to halt incunabula of my daughter’s illness is something to come to terms with, for if I remembered the tonic taken as a child and applied it to my daughter’s care, her chronic infection would not have lasted so long. Thankfully, a mother’s love covers all lapses.

Did you ever have to take your child to the doctor for an ear infection?

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