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Sore Throat Cure - seaweed

Updated on April 25, 2010

she felt better in less than 20 minutes

My friend had given me powdered seaweed to see if it would help a friend of mine with a breakout in his face. The guy who had given me the seaweed had  made up this recipe and used it for his own outburst of ezcema which had apparently helped him greatly.

On my way to deliver it however,I stopped into see my friend Sara unexpectedly. She answered the door moaning "wait a minute" and then stood before me in her goony (nightdress) with hair that was wild and sticking up everywhere, because she had washed it, and then she had gone to bed with it wet.

She looked a poor soul. I told her to go make me a cup of tea, while in the bedroom I offered to change the bed and I opened all the windows. Sickness lived in this room and I wanted to rid her of the sore throat and illness. I changed her bed and made the room look nice for her.

As we had our tea I told her about the seaweed I had been given for my friend, and she said "Try it on me". We added a little water and she dolloped it on with a spoon all around her neck. She couldn't speak at this point and the "Try it on me" had almost been whispered. She complained it was burning her throat and in a panic I asked her to take it off. She refused saying "Leave it, it can't harm me it's only seaweed!" After twenty minutes I asked her to remove it not only from her throat but she had plastered it onto her face as well. I could see her face was getting red and to be honest I wasn't sure if she was reacting to it or not. However at her request to leave it I thought well it's up to her really, and in her own time she then swung her legs over the couch and sat up.

Up she jumped,and 2 minutes later she returned laughing and saying in a loud voice "My God it worked".

Next think I knew she was away drying her hair, had the lippy on, and was preparing me some dinner, after being "Nearly dying" as she described the feeling before I arrived.

In this case, no antibiotics needed thank you very much. "My Granny would have been proud of you" she shouts after me, as I close the outside door laughing at the miraculous transformation..


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