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SoreThroats - 10 Natural Remedies

Updated on August 22, 2013

Sore Throats

Here are 10 natural remedies for sore throats.

Most people look for natural remedies, as they want something they can use all day as needed, whereas pharmaceutical remedies are limited to only a few times a day.

We like to know there is always something on hand to gargle, drink, or soothe, when we're suffering. Medicines are limited to 2 or 3 times daily, and then only at certain hours.

Natural cures are much kinder to the throat as well.


Natural gargles are soothing
Natural gargles are soothing

10 Natural Remedies

1. Use peppermint sweets or mentho-lyptus and add to boiled water, stir until dissolved. Continue to stir so that it doesn't stick. Once dissolved, add honey. Drink as often as you like.

2. Drinking cranberry juice can numb your throat. Drinking it with added honey will numb and soothe.

3. Boil sage leaves and salt in water. Cool until just warm, and use as a gargle, BUT DO NOT SWALLOW.

4. Take pineapple from a can and crush it small enough to swallow. Add a little juice and swallow slowly, a little at a time.

5. Add a chamomile tea bag to boiling milk, leave to brew for a few minutes until the milk takes the colour of the tea, then remove the teabag, add a little butter and some honey. Drink as often as needed.

Fresh Ginger Root

6. Add sliced fresh ginger to boiling water. Leave to steep a few minutes, add brown sugar, or better still honey, and stir well, then leave to cool a little. Drink as needed.

7. Boil water, add turmeric powder, Cayenne pepper, and grated ginger. Allow to steep for a while, strain and add honey. Drink as needed.

8. Make an infusion of oregano or sage, in boiled water, and add honey. Use to gargle, and/or drink.

9. This one doesn't taste so good, but is supposed to work: eat a teaspoon of English (yellow) mustard directly from the bottle, every two hours.


Mix three parts turpentine with one part olive oil. Put on one side of a cloth or Kleenex, and place on the OUTSIDE of the throat. Use a scarf or ribbon to hold in place. Leave on overnight.

Natural remedies for sore throats are a much better solution than medicine or pills. Mostly because they stay in the throat and are far more soothing.

Generally speaking, home remedies are a better choice for any ailment, as they do not have side effects you are likely to experience with pharmaceutical remedies.


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