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Sleep Better with a Sound Therapy Machine

Updated on November 3, 2015

Sound Machine


The Sound Therapy Machine for a Good Nights Sleep

Getting a good nights sleep isn't always easy. sometimes we need a bit of help. Sound therapy machines can help The Conair is one of the more popular sound therapy machines and is great value at the price. The reason that it is so popular is because it does several sounds and also does white noise as well which many machines just don't do.

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Conair Su1w Sound Therapy

Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine
Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine

Sound therapy machines are great, they aid sleep by producing various different sound effects they are great for everyone right from infant right up to older people, anyone in fact that are having sleep problems. It doesn't matter whether it is your infant being disturbed by outside noises or a mother sensitive to their child's movements or just that you cannot sleep. A great sound therapy machine will help you have a great nights sleep

Sound Therapy Machine Checkpoints

There are several things to look out for when buying a sound therapy machine.

This is a great value little machine, with gentle rain falling, a stream running and even white noise if you want it. What I love about this is the variety, the value and that so many other people are happy with it.

It is cost effective and has 10 sounds to choose from

Also white noise which is also great for infants as is rhythmic.

The volume is high so you don't have to strain to listen.

Your sound therapy machine should give a reasonable quality noise, be realistic you are not going to get Opera house quality on a street corner!

Check out for your sound loops.

This is a major complaint among sound therapy listeners. Many machines loop their sounds far too quickly which defeats the object of relaxation and breaks the mood.

Do check how many sounds there are and if possible what they are. Many sound therapy machines do not have white noise.

Check that it will work fine where you are as some are prone to problems with interference.

Check the size so that you know you have space for it near you.

Check that you machine has an auto timer so that you can set it to switch itself off if you want to.


A Video Review on the For and Against.

The Conair Sound Therapy Machine Noise Quality

The Conair sound therapy machine is great value for money however some people find that the sound isn't up to what they would like. I have heard comments like that before regards other electrical sound equipment and I feel it depends on your perspective.

You would expect the sound to be reasonable however it would be unrealistic to expect the sound to have the quality of a machine five times the price. This is a great machine for the money. If you are unsure then check out the video here for a professionals view who uses the machine. If you are still unsure then don't buy it buy something else like the machine below which also has great rating but is for those with a greater budget.

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