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The Andy Whitfield Workout From Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Updated on July 12, 2011

Andy Whitfield as Spartacus in the new "300 meets Gladiator" TV Series

Andy Whitfield, the star of Spartacus: Blood and Sand
Andy Whitfield, the star of Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Train Like A Gladiator

Spartacus: Blood and Sand is a new TV series produced by the Starz Network. Andy Whitfield plays Spartacus, a skilled but untamed warrior, who is taken captive, as is his wife, by the Roman Empire. Not only is the show great, but the actors have noticeably worked their tails off to get in top condition to accurately portray Roman Gladiators. If you've wondered what the actors did as far as their fitness routine and diet regimen go, this article will outline the steps necessary to work toward a Romanesque-Type physique.

Trailer for Spartacus: Blood and Sand

The Spartacus Workout Routine

If you have any familiarity with CrossFit type of training, or the weighted interval circuit training, you will understand the reason the "Spartacus" trainers used these kinds of workouts with all the actors. Rather than have the traditional look of body builders, these actors were suppose to have a lean, athletic warriors instead of bulked up, overdone bodybuilders.

What you get with the "Spartacus Workout" (<==Official Andy Whitfield Workout Here) is explosive movements that utilize all your muscles, along with intense rep intervals and short timeouts for rest. Besides this type of workout increasing your muscular definition and strength, you'll also be burning body fat, as well as getting some terrific cardiovascular exercise that doesn't involve multiple sessions on an elliptical machine or having to spend long, boring hours on a treadmill.

An additional plus to this type of workout is how simple it is and you can do it anywhere. The only equipment you'll need is two fairly light dumb bells and one dumb bell that's a little bit heavier. For men, 15 pound dumb bells would be the recommendation for the lighter pair, and 25-30 pounds for the slightly heavier dumb bell.

Muscle mass gain is not the goal, although you may see slight increases. If you already have a solid muscular base, this workout will be great for chiseling out the muscle you already have, and increasing muscle stamina.

The Spartacus Workout is a 41 minute interval routine that will challenge your total body. There is a cycle of 10 movements, each done for 1 minute straight, and a 15 second rest period between each movement. The workout consists of 3 rounds of the cycle and you get two a minute rest period between each round.

The Exercises of the Cycle go as Follows:

1. Goblet Squat (holding heavier dumb bell)
2. Mountain Climbers
3. Single Arm Dumb bell Swing (30 seconds each arm)
4. T-Pushups (lighter dumb bells)
5. Split Jumps (body weight only)
6. Bentover Dumb bell Row (lighter dumb bells)
7. Side Lunge with Touch (switch sides halfway through)
8. Alternating Renegade Rows
9. Forward Lunge and Twist
10. Dumb bell Shoulder Press

For more information regarding the above movements, please refer to "Andy Whitfield's Spartacus Workout and Diet Plan" at the Hollywood Body Fitness Website. Don't worry about counting repetitions here either, just do each movement without stopping, if possible, until the minute mark is up. Take your 15 second rest period, and move on to the next movement.

You can Google for the "Spartacus Workout Muse" which is a free download. It is a 42 minute track which includes a heart-pumping beat and tells you when to start and stop each exercise... very cool.

The following is my recommendation on how to incorporate the Spartacus Workout into your regular weight training routine. By combining both elements, you will effective gain lean mass while increasing strength and definition in the process.

Hybrid Training - Weight Training with Spartacus Interval Workout Incorporated

Mon - Chest & Back
Tues - "Spartacus"
Wed - Shoulders
Thurs - "Spartacus"
Fri - Arms, Bis & Tris
Sat - "Spartacus"
Sun - Rest Day

Remember, this workout is meant to drop body fat quickly while maintaining and strengthening the muscle you have. By dropping body fat, your definition will show and your muscles will definitely pop more, creating an illusion that your muscles are also larger in size.

Be sure to also check out the Spartacus Diet Plan that will outline the best "get lean" diet plan that goes hand-in-hand with this workout to maximize effectiveness.

I use the above weekly workout routine and the results have been very pleasing. It creates an aesthetic look, an Adonis-Like physique. It's also not for the faint of heart, as it is designed for people who are in fairly good shape. However, anyone can perform the workout, just make sure to go at your own pace when doing so.


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    • hwbfitness profile image

      hwbfitness 7 years ago from Hollywood, California


      Thank you for your intelligent response!

      Since you obviously haven't read my website, you don't realize that most guys overtrain their legs and it gives them excess lower body bulk, which defers from that V-Shaped Adonis look - haven't you heard of the "Golden Ratio?"

      Leg training is overrated, unless you are performing sports-specific training. If you want to look hot, leave the leg work to HIIT Cardio and interval circuits such as this workout plan I have outlined above.

    • profile image

      jkeating 7 years ago

      your hybrid training is bollocks, you havn't included a leg day.