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Specialty Pillows Can Help You With: Pain Relief, Sleep, and Improving Posture.

Updated on February 11, 2015
Here is an example of specialty pillow that prevents you from sleeping on your stomach. It's called the teardrop pillow, and it helps stomach sleepers become side sleepers.
Here is an example of specialty pillow that prevents you from sleeping on your stomach. It's called the teardrop pillow, and it helps stomach sleepers become side sleepers.

What is the Purpose of Positioning Products?

The purpose of a positioning product (i.e. specialty pillow) is to give you support and help you avoid pain. Think of your car; the seat usually has a good built in lumbar support. Auto makers now know that this has become such a valuable need that they put in all cars now.

This is a perfect example of a widely used positioning product. Let's just say you have a vintage collectors item type car from yester year though. You might need that portable lumbar support positioning product for low back support.

Or, let's say your chair at the office, that you spend half of the day in is hurting your back. Instead of daily leaving the office in excruciating pain, you get a back support for your chair to keep the lumbar spine in alignment.

Another example is a woman who is on bed rest during her pregnancy. She may be required to sit in bed for most of the day on her back. Using a bed wedge positioning roll, she can do that comfortably. She can also place a pillow behind her back or behind her neck for further comfort.

Often times, positioning pillows are composed of a special type of foam that does not collapse.They are often covered with a certain type of material to make them comfortable next to the skin.

Where Do You Use Positioning Products?

Really the question becomes, where don't you use positioning products. It might be in the car, at your desk at work, at home, on a trip, at someone else s house, even to do certain activities.

Often times, you use a positioning product for some kind of health issue. For example low back pain, acid reflux, sleeping on your back, bed rest during pregnancy, or maybe you need to be in a position after surgery.

What Other Conditions Are Helped with Special Pillows?

Other times we absolutely need a specialty pillow is when we are in PAIN. Here's an example: Your nephew is graduating but you are afraid to go because you're going to be on a flimsy chair with no support or those rock hard bleachers.

You remember when you went for another graduation a couple years ago that someone had a special cushion she sat on, that looked like it made the chair more comfortable as well as help the low back curve. Not only that, you remember a gentleman with a visible neck collar holding his neck. And that's just the one's you remember.

How A Knee Wedge Can Help with Low Back Pain and Make You More Comfortable

Do People Use this Pillows?

Do You Use a Special Pillow to Help you Sleep or Make You More Comfortable?

See results

How Can this Pillow Help me Sleep on My Back?

As Dr. Bellinger shows you in the video how to use the knee elevator, you can see that it is very comfortable, and gives you the option of being on you back.

Putting the legs up or knees up will relax the back when you supine. Everything connects in the body; your low back connects to your rear-end, your bottom connects to the hamstrings, etc.

It is similar if you sit a lot. When you sit, your hamstrings shorten. When you stand you hamstrings stretch back out. But is you go right from that shortened position to lengthened all the way out, sometimes that creates pain. Something like the knee elevator can relax those muscles slightly by allowing a little knee flexion.

Reasons for Using a Special Positioning Pillow

to lay on your back
to keep you comfortable
to sleep on your side
to breathe better
to sleep more comfortable
for acid reflux
after a surgery to keep you upright
for decrease in pain
to prevent sleeping on your stomach

Have You Ever Used a special pillow to Make Yourself more Comfortable?

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      Matthew 5 years ago from Florida

      Thank you for stopping by my Specialty Pillow Hub- Nav

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      Jeff D 5 years ago from Portland

      Great article!


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