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How to Cleanse Your Spleen

Updated on September 16, 2011

The Benefits of Wu Qing Tong Ti Suite

The spleen is an important part of the lymphatic system. This is the system in the body responsible for balancing fluids and fighting infections. The spleen kills old, damaged cells and monitors and controls how much blood is in your body. To keep a strong, healthy spleen and lymphatic system, fresh water is needed, and massage and stretching can also help to squeeze and clear the system, assisting in lymphatic drainage and a healthy spleen.

The Spleen

Happy Spleen Cleansers!
Happy Spleen Cleansers!

Fight Infection. Boost Your Immune System

In our body, the Spleen filters blood in much the way that the lymph nodes filter lymph. Lymphocytes in the spleen react to pathogens in the blood and attempt to destroy them. Macrophages then engulf the resulting debris, the damaged cells, and the other large particles.

In our body, the Spleen along with the liver, removes old and damaged erythrocytes from the circulating blood. This helps fight off infections and boosts our immune system.

The sinuses in the spleen are a reservoir for blood. In emergencies such as hemorrhage, smooth muscle in the vessel walls and in the capsule of the spleen contracts. This squeezes the blood out of the spleen into the general circulation.

Signs of an unhealthy Spleen:

Several people are completely unaware when they have an enlarged spleen because there are barely any symptoms. Usually, a physical exam is the best way to check for any problem with the spleen. Some of the symptoms of an enlargement spleen are:

Weight loss.


Frequent infections.


Easy bleeding.


Being incapable of eating a large meal.

Feeling fullness, discomfort or pain in the upper left side of the abdomen which may later spread to the left shoulder


There are various causes that could lead to spleen problems. Spleen problems can be successfully diagnosed in several ways like a physical exam, CT scans, ultrasounds, an MRI scan and blood tests.

The most common among spleen problems is its enlargement. When a spleen enlarges, it shuts in an unnecessary amount of blood cells and platelets, thus lowering the quantity of platelets and blood cells in the bloodstream.

A normal healthy spleen is about the size of a fist. However, some diseases like liver cirrhosis, leukemia, lymphoma, polycythemia vera and viral infections like mononucleosis could lead to possible spleen enlargement.

An overactive spleen, which is not really an issue.

Bacterial infections like endocarditis.

Parasitic infections like toxoplasmosis.

Inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and sarcoidosis.

Cancer which has spread to the spleen.

Injury to the spleen.

The Solution for disease related Spleen problems:

Many people may feel that though they do not have any major disease, they have symptoms of fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, absent-mindedness, headache, facial pains, eyestrain, impaired vision, nasal obstruction, giddiness, head rush, tinnitus, stiff neck and shoulder, discomfort in the morning, poor sleep, cold limbs, constipation, nervousness, tightness in chest, numb limbs, distraction and upset. These are all symptoms of the so-called sub-healthy state. The main reason for the state is the excessive accumulation of toxic scales inside the human body.

The best way to keep healthy is to ensure the successful circulation of qi and blood inside the body. Wu Qing Tong Ti Suite can remove and excrete the toxic scales effectively to reduce the burdens on organs and viscera, clear the qi and blood circulation and maintain a healthy status featuring strong resistibility and immunity.

1. Three Highs: High Blood Lipid, High Blood Sugar & Hypertension

High blood lipid, high blood sugar and hypertension mean that the blood lipid, blood sugar and blood pressure are all higher than the normal level, resulting in excessive toxic blood scales accumulated on vessel walls to impose pressure on the vessels and block and erode into atherosclerosis. Long-term atherosclerosis will evolve into hypertension. Herbal quantum preparation in Wu Qing Tong Ti Suite can shake off and strip off the toxic scales on the vessel walls and excrete them through duodenum after being mashed and metabolized by liver. When the blood is purified, the symptoms of high blood lipid, high blood sugar and hypertension will be reduced and the corresponding various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases can be prevented and controlled effectively.

2. Weakened Resistibility and Immunity

The direct reason for the weakening of human body resistance and immunity is the inappropriate block of toxic scales. These toxic scales all around our body will block and erode all the organs inside the body and finally cause the failure of these organs. In the mean time, the toxic scales affect the normal qi and blood circulation of human body. Therefore, depression of qi, blood stasis, main and collateral channels are blocked and the vitality is restrained from exerting the normal disease prevention functions. Accordingly, the resistance and immunity of human body is reduced generally, and diseases will finally invade.

Wu Qing Tong Ti Suite can remove the toxic scales in the five internal organs and the entire body. After the removal of the toxic scales, the body will be so refresh without any blocks and eroded wastes and the normal qi and blood circulation is restored and facilitated. Smooth blood circulation can contribute to the vitality of qi generation, which will in turn prevent various diseases and the resistance, immunity and self-healing abilities will be restored naturally.

3. Inappetence

Inappetence is the main symptom of disorder in liver and spleen, which is caused by the toxic scales accumulated in liver and spleen system. Wu Qing Tong Ti Suite can comprehensively cleanse the toxic scales in the five internal organs, i.e. heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney, to restore the health of liver, enhance the absorption and application of nutrients so as to alleviate the symptoms caused by disorder of liver and spleen such as anorexia, nausea, vomiting and abdominal distension, etc. on the first day of administration.

4. Pains in Neck, Shoulder, Waist and Legs

Pains inside the body indicate that certain organs are being blocked. Such symptoms as painful neck, shoulder, waist and legs are caused by the blocking of blood capillary and main and collateral channels due to stagnancy of qi and blood stasis.

Wu Qing Tong Ti Suite reaches to every corner of the body through blood vessels and main and collateral channels. Therefore, it can remove the toxic scales blocked inside the blood vessels and adhered to the main and collateral channels with astonishing efficacies. It can cleanse the wastes and toxic scales rapidly, regain smooth blood and channel circulation. Smooth circulation will clear all pains, so pains in neck, shoulder, waist and legs will be lessened or even disappeare.

5. Obesity

Obesity is the vital symptom of imbalance of human body metabolism caused by the excessive toxic scales inside the body. The excessive accumulation of fat toxic scales and water toxic scales caused by the weakening of liver metabolism will result in overweight or obesity. Overweight is the root cause of various diseases. And obesity increases the possibilities of diabetes, hypertension, lipid abnormality, ischemic heart disease, cranial vascular disease, gall stones, osteoarthrosis, polycystic ovarian disease and cancers. Patients suffering from obesity are more likely to face sudden death, stroke, coronary disease, hyperemia heart failure, diabetes and hypertension, etc.

High-frequency vibration (hundreds of millions of times per second) of Wu Qing Tong Ti Suite can strip off the excessive fat toxic scales, water toxic scales and liver toxic scales out of the body to alleviate the burdens of our body and enhance the metabolism ability of liver. In the process of detoxification, the users can see clearly that large amount of greasy toxic scales being excreted from the body. The waistline will be contracted and the users can normally lose 1.5 to 2.5kg on the first day of administration.

6. Fetid Breath, Dental Ulcer and Bleeding Gums

Fetid breath, dental ulcer and bleeding gums are closely related to toxic scales in liver, the stomach and intestine and disorder in five internal organs and the shortage of intake of vitamins.

When Wu Qing Tong Ti Suite removes the toxic scales inside the five internal organs, human body's ability to absorb the micro elements and vitamins will improve. When the root cause of the diseases is removed, common oral problems such as bad breath, dental ulcer and bleeding gums, etc. can be alleviated.

Cleanses every cell in the body

Method of Administration

Wu Qing Tong Ti Suite can remove the toxic scales and wastes inside the human body completely, thoroughly and rapidly. You may feel with surprise that you will feel totally refreshed in only one night and you will be so relaxed after detoxification. In about three days, five days, a week, two weeks, a month or two months after the administration of Wu Qing Tong Ti Suite, it has made such a clean-up for the entire body and your healthcare products or medications will exhibit the amazingly excellent healthcare and treatment efficacies.

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