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5 Simple Ways to Start Your Day off Right

Updated on June 9, 2017
Alyssa Nichol profile image

Alyssa is a wife, mom, and coffee enthusiast who loves sharing her favorite lifestyle tips with the world.

Mornings are rough, particularly if you have to get up before the sun rises. There's nothing worse than being comfy and warm, wrapped up in your soft blanket, sleeping well, and then being rudely interrupted by your alarm. No matter what fun sound bite you have set, it's still not enjoyable.

I have never been a morning person, but as I get older, I realize the value in rising early and develop a sense of accomplishment when I am able to tackle my to-do list before 10 a.m.

Having an amazing, productive day starts the minute you wake up. Incorporating a few simple, yet mindful, actions into your morning routine will help get you into a good mindset and set the tone for a successful day.

1. Visualize Your Day

After your alarm rings and you reach over to turn it off, take a few moments to run through your day. Lay back on your pillow, and if you are not too sleepy, close your eyes. Take a deep breath and think about the day ahead of you. Do you have meetings? A big presentation? It could be something as simple as completing your household chores. Maybe you have family coming for a visit. Whatever it is, visualize how you want everything to go, seeing yourself perform these actions with ease and success. Now would be a perfect time to set an intention, or a feeling for your day. It could be anything you want. For example, you might say to yourself, 'I am strong,' or 'I am confident.' You could say, 'this day is going to be amazing.' There is no right or wrong here, it's all about how you want to feel and what you want to accomplish. This is a powerful practice that sets the tone for your day, starts you out with a good attitude and mindset, and sets you up for success.

2. Coffee or Tea

Having a few cups of coffee in the morning gives you an energy boost and gets you ready to tackle the day. If you are not a coffee person, or if you are sensitive to caffeine, a cup or two of tea is always a great option! I like to set my coffee pot up the night before so that I can smell the delicious aroma as I get up, and it's ready for me when I get out into the kitchen. Pause and take a few moments to savor your beverage. A quiet moment to yourself helps prepare you for the day ahead.

3. Gratitude

When you start your day with gratitude, you are beginning the day with the right mindset. You have a better, more positive outlook, your mood shifts, and you are more likely to have a good day. It's a simple practice that takes little effort, but is life changing. While going about your morning routine, mentally express gratitude for the everyday little things. It could be as simple as having warm, running water, a cup of hot coffee, or the bright sunshine streaming through your window. As you continue to develop this morning habit, your appreciation for life will spread to the people around you and you will find that you are more successful in your daily tasks.

Starting the day with a strong cup of coffee and plenty of gratitude.
Starting the day with a strong cup of coffee and plenty of gratitude.

4. Breakfast

The most important meal of the day: breakfast. Eat a little something in the morning, whether it's a grand slam breakfast with eggs and bacon, something sweet like a pop-tart or donut, or just a simple piece of toast, a bagel, or bowl of cereal. Consider it fuel for your body. Having breakfast will give you energy and allow you to focus on your morning tasks.

5. Yoga

Mornings can be busy, but sparing 5-10 minutes for a little movement will set you up to have a better day. Yoga or just a little light stretching helps get the blood flowing, gives you energy, and boosts the metabolism. As you get older, you find that your body is stiff when you wake up. It feels good to move the muscles and stretch, limbering up for the day. It also helps give you a little clarity and your mind will be more ready to focus on the tasks at hand.

5 Minute Morning Yoga - Yoga with Adriene

Travel Yoga - Morning Sequence - Yoga with Adriene


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