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How to Stay Energized

Updated on July 7, 2014

What is Energy?

Food is energy for the body. When food enters the body its composition changes in order to create and store the energy for activites in the present and future. The food can be converted into sugars which power the body now or it can be stored as protein or fat for long term storable energy. This energy level can fluctuate based on the types of food consumes, your overall activity level and many other factors.

This site is here to show you how to increase your energy level as well as the consequences of low energy.

21 ways to refresh your energy

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Why do you need energy?

Why it it Important?

-Helps enhance your brain function

-Helps to maintain your stamina all day long

-Helps to maintain your ideal weight.

-Helps to feel awake, alert and inspired.

-Helps to maintain normal body temperature

-Helps to promote tissue repair and growth

-Helps to regulate essential body activities.

-Helps to promote your immune system

Low Energy - Symptoms


-digestive issues

-restless sleep

-insomnia followed by tired days


-low blood sugar

-mood swings

-tired for no reason

-unable to concentrate

Low Energy - Culprits


-It can causes your body to dehydrate

-It can result in restless sleeping and low morning energy

-It can become an addiction feed by an underlying problem.

-It can act as a sedative

-It limits the ability of your liver to dispose of other body toxins.


-Erratic Eating

-Skipping meals

-Unhealthy food

-Not understanding food labels


-Too much or too little are both unhealthy.

-Try to find a happy medium.

-Pay attention to how long you sleep and how rested you feel.


-Decreases lung capacity and the ability to exchange gases

-Lessens the ability to do physical activities

-Can lead to conditions like emphysema, COPD and Chronic lung disease.

-Can lead to cancer of the lungs, throat and mouth.

-Can lead to addiction and

-It is financially expensive to maintain the habit.


-It can be good or bad depending on your individual tolerance to stressors.

-It can cause:



------Digestive Issues (IBS)



------Lack of Energy

TIPS to Combat Low Energy Culprits


-Only drink in moderations or not at all.

-Drink plenty of water after drinking alcohol

-Limit to less than 21units/week

(1 unit = 1/2pint beer, glass of wine or shot glass of hard liquor)


-Find ways to distract yourself from stressful situations.

-Getting some exercise can help distract and is healthy for you.

-Replenish Nutrients: Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Zinc, Complex Carbs, etc..

-----Vit B: green veggies, fruit, whole wheat, meat, dairy and eggs.

-----Vit C: Fresh Citrus fruits, fresh veggies, fruits and juices.

-----Zinc: Red Meat, Dairy, Eggs, Shellfish and whole grains.

-----Complex Carbs: whole wheat breads and pastas, oats and sweet potatoes,


-Exercise during the day so your body is tired when it is time to sleep.

-Relax in your own way (take a bath, drink tea, write in a journal, etc...)

-Eat a healthy and balanced diet, at appropriate times throughout the day.

-Only sleep in bed (Don't get in a habit of doing work while in bed)

High Energy - Benefits


-Better control of your food intake

-Can think clearly

-Faster healing

-Faster recovery from sickness

-Feel awake and alert

-Feel inspired to get things done

-Fewer colds and flus

-Fewer digestive issues

-Have stamina all day long

-Maintain body temp and weight

-Maintain other bodily functions

-Sleep well at night

-Your hunger is satisfied

An Introduction to Foods Groups

Carbohydrates (Ex. Rice, Cereal, Fruit, Grains, Corn, Flour, Pasta, Oats, etc..)

Protein (Ex. Meats, Dairy, Eggs, Tofu, Soy, Nuts,etc...)

Fats (Ex. Chips, Cakes, Junk Food, Avacados, Nuts, Olive Oil, Butter, etc..)

HOW TO QUICKLY DECIDE WHAT TO EAT (this is better > than that)

Natural > Artificial

Unsweetened > Sweetened

Stevia/Honey > Cane Sugar/Corn Syrup (HFCS)

Light and Lean Meats (Fish, Chicken, etc.) > Red Meat

Natural Tea or Coffee > Fancy Drinks

No Processing > High Amount of Processing

Foods Groups - Carbohydrates - The good and the bad

GOOD CARBOHYDRATES (natural, limited processing, complex carbohydrates)



Natural Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit Juice (100% real w/ no added sugar)

Whole Wheat


Sweet Potatoes

Brown Rice



BAD CARBOHYDRATES (artificial, highly processed, contains sugar and other additives, etc..)

Sugary Cereal




French Fries

White Bread

Soft Drinks

Fake Fruit Juice

White Rice

Potato based products

Corn based products



Artificial sweetners

Foods Groups - Fats - The good and the bad


-Polyunsaturated Fats

-Monosaturated Fats

-Natural Nut Butters


-Fish oil




-Olive Oil





-Sugary Nut Butter

-Vegetable (Canola) oil


-Ice Cream


-Chips and Cracker

Helpful Tips to Increase Energy

-Experiment with how different food affect your body (positively and/or negatively)

-Pamper yourself (Take a bath, put on some lotion, get a massage, eat your favorite food)

-Set aside some additional time for your wants and needs

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