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How Do I Fix My Stiff Neck?

Updated on May 15, 2016

Are You Suffering with A Stiff Neck?


How Do You Know You Have A Stiff Neck?

If you seem like you constantly awake with tightness in the neck? Do you find yourself getting a sharp jolt of pain when you turn too quick? Is your neck constantly "snapping and cracking"?

Then you might have what we would term a "stiff neck"...

How Often Do You Wake Up with a Stiff Neck?

What Position Do You Predominantly Sleep In?

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What Are Some things that Can Cause a Stiff Neck ?

  • Sleeping with a Pillow that is too Firm
  • Sleeping in an awkward positions. For example, sleeping on the sofa
  • A Draft
  • An injury to the neck
  • A Violent cough or sneeze attack that causes you pain

Self Massage for the Neck

How Do You Know You Have A Stiff Neck?

There are definitely some signs and symptoms you can notice when you are suffering with a stiff neck. Here are some obvious and not so obvious ones:

  1. You have neck pain
  2. You have pain when you turn or twist your neck in a certain way
  3. Your range of motion in the neck is decreased. Also, one side of the neck range of motion is less than the other
  4. You find yourself turning your whole body when you need to turn...for example to check your blind spot when driving

Treatment Options for When you Get a Stiff Neck

  • Massage Your Neck Muscles, upper back and shoulders
  • Use a heating pack
  • Get a chiropractic adjustment
  • See a massage therapist

How did you treat Your Stiff Neck the Last time you had it?

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