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Stomach Ulcer Treatment

Updated on March 25, 2012

What is stomach ulcer (peptic ulcer) disease?

Ulcer is erosion of the inner lining of the stomach or the first part of duodenum. The erosion occur when stomach juices for containing hydrochloric acid and ferments called pepsin irritate and damage the tissue of the stomach and duodenum. The stomach juices can sometimes damage the wall of the esophagus, too.

The ulcers that form on the inner lining of the stomach are called gastric ulcers. Those who locate at the beginning of the small intestine are called duodenal ulcers.

The most common first symptom of stomach ulcer is pain or burning in the area between the navel and sternum.

What causes stomach ulcer disease?

peptic ulcer treatment
peptic ulcer treatment

Two common reasons for the occurrence of ulcers are:

* Infection with bacteria called Helicobacter pylori. This bacteria lives in mucus layer of the stomach wall and can cause inflammation that may contribute to ulcer.

* Use of non steroid anti-inflammatory drugs. It is not entirely clear how these drugs cause ulcers. Two likely ways in which these drugs cause ulcer are:

o These drugs affect the formation of prostaglandin in the body chemicals that regulate the formation of the protective layer of the stomach lining that protects the stomach from the corrosive action of gastric hydrochloric acid.

o These drugs can directly damage the inner mucus layer of the stomach, thereby making it prone to the formation of ulcers.

Stomach ulcer symptoms
Stomach ulcer symptoms

Stomach ulcer symptoms

What are the symptoms of ulcer?

Symptoms of stomach or of duodenum ulcer vary from individual to individual and as such are insufficient to conclude whether or not you have ulcer.

Generally the symptoms of ulcers include:

* Pain in the form of burning, cutting, burning in the area between the navel and sternum. The pain sometimes spreads to the back.

* Abdominal pain that can last from several minutes to several hours and usually disappears shortly after taking antacids or baking soda.

* Periodic pain that appears and disappears on weeks basis.

* Loss of appetite and weight loss.

* Feeling of stomach bloating and nausea after eating.

* Vomiting after eating.

* Vomiting blood or content of coffee-like sludge.

* Bloody stool that have dark red color if the ulcer bleeds.

Symptoms may not accurately tell us whether the ulcer is in the stomach or in the beginning of the small intestine, the duodenum.

Natural ulcer treatment
Natural ulcer treatment

Natural ulcer treatment

Nutrition in patients with chronic ulcer of the stomach and duodenal

General principles

Use of any kind of alcohol, cigarettes, heavy food and fresh bread (and similar products with fresh yeast) is prohibited.

Meals in the diet should be frequent and small (it is best to take food every 3-4 hours).

The food should be eaten slowly.

What foods should be avoided

* food cooked with oil or animal fat, especially fried food

* sauces that are not low fat,

* any spicy food (hot, sour, salty)

* extracts of meat, fish cans, sausages,

* soup with spices,

* roast meat, goulash, kidneys, liver and bacon pate,

* vegetables (beans, lentils, peas, green beans)

* cakes,

* honey, black coffee, strong tea, soft drinks.

Permitted food

* milk (pasteurized), cooked

* yogurt

* sour milk

* butter

* whey

* curd

* non-salty cheese

* egg (boiled)

* mineral spring water

* fruit juices

* compotes

* pudding.

Advice on how to organize the daily menu


Milk or coffee, toast with butter.


Milk, boiled egg, yogurt and bread with butter.


Soup, non-fatty meats (veal, beef, chicken) cooked. Vegetables: potatoes (puree only), carrots, tomatoes, spinach. Fruit: as compotes, jelly or raw as: apple, peach, banana, ripe strawberries. It is advisable to avoid apricot, cherry, blackberry, nuts, almonds.


Juices, pudding (vanilla milk), cream with cream.


Milk, yogurt, mineral spring water, fruit juices.

Snack (at 18.00): same as for breakfast.


Just like for lunch or possible replacement with soft boiled egg and non-salty cheese.

Before bedtime cup of milk.

A Natural Approach to Ulcers

Emphasize specific nutrients. Vitamins A and E have been shown to inhibit the development of stress ulcers and are recognized as important factors in maintaining the integrity of the digestive tract lining.

Cabbage - Healthy food and medicine for stomach ulcer

Cabbage natural cure for ulcer
Cabbage natural cure for ulcer

Cabbage contains natural ingredients that prevent ulcer. The fact that cabbage can help in the treatment of peptic ulcer is determined in the 50s of last century, attempts by d-r.Garrett Cheney from the Medical Faculty at Stanford University. He showed that about 1.1 liter of fresh cabbage juice a day helps in relieving pain and treating gastric ulcer, peptic and duodenum ulcer successfully, even better than standard therapies.

The cabbage contains natural compounds used in the anti-ulcer drugs. In fact, these compounds stimulate the cells to form a thin barrier that acts as a "shield" against attacks by gastric acid.

A survey by the Indian Central Institute for Research on drugs, experimental guinea pigs who suffered from ulcers, were healed with cabbage juice. In the course of treatment extensive recordings were made of microscopic changes in cells, proving that cabbage juice causes increased activity of mucus which recovers cells, a procedure that leads to full recovery.

Another possibility is that cabbage has antibiotic properties. In laboratory tests it is found that cabbage destroys array of bacteria, among them may destroy the bacteria H. pylori, which nowadays is considered most responsible for the occurrence of gastric ulcers.

Fresh Cabbage Juice - Natural cure for stomach ulcer

Make your own fresh cabbage juice with these great juicers

Natural Cure for peptic ulcer

Cabbage act beneficially in gastric ulcer, possibly strengthening the resistance of the lining of the stomach.

How to heal stomach ulcer?

Treatment of stomach and duodenum ulcer consists in taking medicines that reduce the amount of acid excreted from the stomach. When taken for few weeks these drugs are very effective at healing the ulcer.

However if presence of the bacterium H. pylori is diagnosed in the stomach, specific antibiotic treatment must be prescribed. Extermination of the bacterium H. pylori is performed by a combination of several drugs that are commonly used following schedule within ten days. If untreated the ulcer may come back in the future. Acid-suppressing drugs are not usually necessary after a course of eradication treatment unless the ulcer caused some internal bleeding

Changes in lifestyle, cessation of smoking cigarettes, limited input of caffeine and alcohol and reducing stress can facilitate healing of the ulcer and prevent it from coming back.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Very nicely presented and very useful information. Thanks for sharing!

    • Mary Crowther profile image

      Mary Crowther 6 years ago from Havre de Grace

      Interesting information about cabbage being used for stomach ulcers. Thanks for sharing!

    • WaynesWorld LM profile image

      WaynesWorld LM 6 years ago

      Saw a video of a Doctor talking about how important water is for your body; he said if you have trouble with acid reflux you should drink your water 15-30 minutes before eating but not while you eat. It riles the stomach acid when you eat and drink water at the same time. Sodas were a no-no, they actually make your body more dehydrated.

    • privresearch profile image

      privresearch 6 years ago

      @anonymous: I had the same problem when I was a teen. The doctors told me the reason was stress. I was on pills (antacid) for most of my teenage years. Thankfully after high school everything was better :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Good information. I was in the hospital as a teen with a peptic ulcer and lived on water, milk and jelly for almost a week. I could have all the ice i wanted, too. Had to change my diet some.