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What is the Best Way to Stop Smoking?

Updated on June 23, 2011

Smoking tobacco is both a psychological habit and a physical addiction. Increases risk of lung, bladder, pancreatic, mouth, esophageal, and other cancers, including leukemia, affects mental capacity and memory, skin wrinkling, early death . . . etc

Life is pretty good without cigarette. Most smokers want to stop smoking the easy way. There are a lot of ways to improve your mood without smoking. To stop smoking, you can do the following things I hope you found the tips useful.

  1. Tell the people around you that you are going to stop and tell them you need their support and encouragement to quit. Then you are totally stronger than cigarette and you will try to quite smoking as you can tell them.
  2. The desire to smoke is one of the first things you notice when you stop smoking. Such a moment lasts a few minutes. You could pray or meditate until the desire passes. So the desire to smoke will pass.
  3. Reduce amount of cigarettes for one or two everyday. It is possible to learn how to replace your smoking habits and help you stop smoking by reducing cravings
  4. Don’t put the cigarettes in your pocket.
  5. Do the sports you have always loved to. Go for a walk or a ride or go swimming or practicing simple breathing exercises.
  6. Be active don’t let your self free. When you have a bad day, it can seem like your cigarettes are your unique friend. Read a book or magazine, listen to some music you love or play a game on your computer. Wash the car instead or do activities that decrease your cravings.
  7. Good choices include mints, carrot or celery sticks, gum, hard candy, and sunflower seeds instead of smoke.
  8. Smoke cigarettes it can get addictive. Use medicine that can help you to leave cigarette forever.
  9. Talk to your doctor or specialist consultant about getting help to quit smoking.

When friends, family, and coworkers smoke around you, it is doubly difficult to stop or avoid relapse. Having a small setback doesn’t mean you’re a smoker again. Most people try to stop smoking several times before they kick the habit for good. Don’t let a slip become a mudslide.

A lot of us feel we can't quit smoking but we can. You haven't failed. Some people have to stop as many as several times before they are successful. Find the right reasons for you. You will find that your heart will become unburdened and you will forgive more easily. You will find that you are not only better off not smoking but that you are better off not holding resentment in your heart.


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    • tom hellert profile image

      tom hellert 6 years ago from home

      The best way to not smoke-

      Dont start sounds simple and works everytime you never start,....


      good ideas in the hub...