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How To Stop Body Odor Guaranteed

Updated on August 27, 2009

What are the cuases of body odor.

Body odor can be a very brutal condition to suffer from and difficult to stop, often times other people who may be repulsed by the smell of you will not tell you how bad you smell as you may become offended. It is not easy to tell someone they are stinking the joint up unless you are very good friends. Even you good friends may not tell you since they do not want to lose your friendship.

To learn how to stop body odor you must know what is causing the problem. Everyone sweats to some degree but if you are suffering from excessive sweating there may be a problem in your body that is correctable. Some common problems are eating a diet to high in alkaline acids or being overweight. The extra fat a man or woman holds acts as an insulating blanket that raises the internal temperature of the person.

How do you stop body odor?

Diet is also a key factor in body odor. If you drink to much caffeine and do not drink enough water your body can become dehydrated making you stink. A diet high in meat protein and fats is also though to contribute to excess sweating.

The first rule in being able to excessive sweating treatment is to shower every day. I know it sounds like common sense but you would be surprised by how many people do not shower daily. After showering completely dry off and then apply deodorant. Not drying off completely will not let the deodorant work as well since it can not ah ear to as well to wetness.

The use of cologne is also a key to hiding body odor. For best results the use of two colognes or perfumes is best. Spray one on to the bar skin and another that is similar in smell onto the clothing. Hey you never know when you will lose your clothes and you still want to smell good naked you know. No sweaty hands and feet allowed here.


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