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The Benefits Of Creating A Stop Smoking Timeline

Updated on March 18, 2013

Having a timeline can make quitting easier!

 One of the very best ways to successfully kick the habit of smoking is to establish aquit smoking timeline.There are three wonderful ways that having a timeline can benefit you. Those ways are that it can create drive,persistence and determination,build your powerful self belief and can multiple the likihood of you quitting for good. After reading this article you will see how creating a timeline can be one of the most effective ways of defeating a smoking habit.

You have finally decided to stop smoking. Great! One of the benefits of establishing a time line to quit is that it creates drive and motivation in you. You see, most people will procrastinate on actually deciding to quit and will straddle the fence. Once you make a firm decision to quit you will feel a sincere motivation to do so. When you give your-self a specific target date, you will generate that inner drive and determination to meet your goal. This is how we are wired as human being. We function at our best when we have a definite target to short for.

In order to achieve your goal of destroying the habit of smoking you have got set set a time table for it's accomplishment.. Another reason for establishing a time line is that it creates the belief in you that you can accomplish this goal. Since you are not trying to quit all at once, but over a certain period of time, you will have more confidence in your-self that you can do it. Before you can achieve, you must believe. Taking small steps is much easier than trying to quit cold turkey.

Creating a time line to quit smoking will foster the necessary belief that you can achieve this goal by a certain date. The final reason for establishing a quit date is that it increases your chances of making a permanent change from smoker to non smoker. You see, when you try to quit cold turkey you are making an abrupt behavioral change. You haven’t given your self time to make the changes in your life that will lead to a healthy life style. How-ever, once you establish an end date, you can begin making gradual daily changes in all of the situations that helped create the smoking addiction in the first place.

In conclusion, you can see that by having a quit date you can achieve your goal much easier than simply trying to do it cold turkey. Just remember to see that you will have the drive and the determination to stay with it, a strong belief of success and the likelihood of staying smoke-free. Now that you know these benefits you will have a greater understanding of the need to have a plan of attack.


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