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Stop Snoring Just in Thyme

Updated on November 8, 2012

Safely & Naturally End the Snoring

Snoring is more than a nuisance. It's ended marriages, and it's even contributed to ending life. People who snore loudly may also be experiencing sleep apnea, a dangerous disorder that deprives the brain of oxygen. Sleep apnea sufferers will actually stop breathing for several seconds at a time, sending distress signals to the brain. This causes the body to jolt into consciousness, a violent awakening that occurs over and over throughout the night. The result is a restless, shallow sleep that leaves the body fatigued and strung out from lack of adequate rest. Night after night of this pattern eventually causes the body to break down from lack of oxygen and severe sleep deprivation.

Thankfully, there is a solution to snoring that does not involve expensive and awkward machinery. Nor does it require prescription drugs. It's completely safe and 100 % natural. Are you ready to hear about this simple cure? It may be coming to you just in thyme.

Thyme Is On Your Side

Yes, this simple herb is all you need to stop snoring. But before you reach for your recipe book, let me clarify this instruction. You see, the thyme plant has very tiny leaves (as noted in the picture above). Each leaf contains a precious oil that bears unique chemical properties that are found only in the thyme plant. The oil content is so small, that it takes many leaves just to produce one drop of thyme oil. Because this oil comes from the heart of the plant, it is called essential oil. It is the very essence of the plant itself.

Essential oils are extracted from many different kinds of plants. They are nature's medicine, and they have been used for centuries in the healing and maintenance of good health in the body. In Biblical times, many essential oils held greater value than money. They were precious commodities because they held the keys to life and good health. These same oils are being rediscovered today, in a society where pharmaceutical drugs have become overused and over-priced. As people always do when things get out of control, the trend is moving back to basics and back to nature.

Buying Yourself Some Thyme - ...Essential Oil, That Is!

Finding Thyme essential oil is as easy as shopping for anything else these days. The Internet is filled with good sources for essential oils, or you can visit your local health food store.

Some things to remember:

Buy only therapeutic grade oil; not aromatherapy grade.

Look for steam distilled oils that have a low-temperature distillation process. The chemical properties of the oil remain true this way.

Once you have purchased your thyme oil, it's "thyme" to learn how to apply it so you can stop snoring and finally get a good night's sleep.

Establish A New Bed-Thyme Ritual

Just before going to bed, apply a few drops of thyme essential oil to the bottom of each foot. The soles of the feet contain thousands of pores, and pores are the portals that allow essential oils into the bloodstream. As an additional treatment, apply an extra drop of thyme essential oil to the base of each big toe. A science called reflexology relates points on the hand and foot to specific areas of the body, similar to acupuncture techniques. The big toe relates directly to the neck, and the fatty deposits in your neck are one of the main culprits that cause you to snore.

After applying the oil to the soles of the feet and the big toes, you may want to don some socks. This will protect your sheets from getting oily, and it will also help contain the pungent aroma of thyme oil that is now wafting through the bedroom. If the scent is too overwhelming, simply mask it with a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow. Lavender is more than pleasant to the nose. It relaxes the mind and body, enhancing the deep-sleep experience that awaits you. Sweet dreams!

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