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Do Not Stop Eating Fast Food! Yeah, You Heard Right...

Updated on March 29, 2010
Fast Food
Fast Food

Most of the self proclaimed health gurus grind one thing over and over again. You should stop eating fast food and have something more healthy instead. Only if that was the only problem there were no obese people in poor countries where fast food restaurants are high-class once in a month opportunity.

Stopping to eat fast food will not make you thin and attractive overnight and if you were thinking about that you got it wrong. I don't want to be walking over anyones rose garden here, but being fat is not the result of fast food in most cases. True, most fat people eat fast food regularly but there is another common thing they have, and that is not doing any exercises.

The excuses I hear from time to time make me giggle at least but they often make me take a big breath to stay calm. Some people say they don't do any exercises because they are not cut out for it. What did you guys think, sportsmen born like that? Nope, but they started in time and it become the second nature to them. Have you noticed that most skinny people eat whatever they can put their hands on?

How much we envy them, don't we. Being fat is partly genetics. Genetics has its saying whether your body works well at storing energy from food or not. It is the result of our twisted society that people whose bodies work well and stores energy are considered the sick ones. For hundreds of thousands of years only the wealthiest of the tribe or the nation were fat because food was a scarce resource.

Now that anyone can buy two tonnes of grain on an average monthly salary food is not a wealth issue. This causes us to eat whatever we find, most of the cases it will be fast food because it is... well... fast. We don't like spending time preparing our foods and definitely don't like to fight for it. We don't have to. Our bodies evolved in a way that it uses and stores energy efficiently. For most parts of the history this kept a healthy body fat balance, because getting food was hard enough work to consume most of the energy one could consume in one day.

This is no longer the case so we have to think about what we eat, but it is still only one side of the equation. Quitting fast food, as if it was smoking or drinking, is not the solution. If you don't eat burgers you will find a way to cook pasta or make three sandwiches that so big they break your arms. The problem is that whatever amount of calories we put into our system we are not likely to even use that little.

Our brains consume some energy through the day, so does breathing and digestion, but it is not enough. We eat much more than what our lazy lifestyles require. Most people spend their lives sitting. The longest period of time when you are not sitting is when you are laying in the bed. Sitting up in the bed at the morning, walking to the kitchen table for a breakfast, walking to the car, driving to work, sitting next to a computer, walking back to the car, driving home and sitting or laying in front of the telly until it's time to lay in the bed for another round of sleep.

This is hardly any muscle movement and cutting the fast food meals is not going to solve it. Even if you manage to cut on calories by not substituting fast food with anything similar, you are going to be energy positive on your meals.

Start working out. Now you may come up with five excuses instantly that you are asthmatic, your heart can't take it, you are not a sports person and so on. If you think you have a serious disease that keeps you away from taking walks in the park, check with your doctor and ask what they think about it. They will most probably tell you that not only they allow, they warmly recommend some light exercises at first.

And let me let you in on a secret, I'm asthmatic as well. Swimming is great, some non-aerobic exercises are awesome and they will most probably be fine with you as well. Enough of the excuses, put some work into your figure now and stop looking for shortcuts instead of stop eating fast food.

Photo used is taken by Christian Cable


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