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Tips to stop looking old

Updated on June 19, 2013

Stop Looking Old

After a certain age we all become old. Our body looks dull and skin becomes pale. We all become old that’s obvious but there is a big difference between healthy aging and the unhealthy kind. I think it’s a better idea to taking care of you and grow older gracefully. Most of us take for granted the idea that the aging process is inevitable and natural. Personally I divide my tips for stop looking old into two great categories. They are:

  1. Stop Skin looking old
  2. Entire body control

Stop Skin looking old

Your skin is the most visible sign of their biological age. Your skin looses its tightness and shininess after a certain period of time. You can see fine lines, wrinkles, dark skin under your eyes, dryness and roughness of the skin. Our skin shows the cumulative wear and tear our bodies undergo through time passage of life period.  As time marches on your skin loses collagen. Those causes shortage your skin protein elastic and for that your skin get those fine lines and then later become those deep wrinkles. Keep your skin moisturized. Use any product which may help you in this area or by using natural products like some kind of vegetable and fruit. One should try to avoid excessive exposure to the sun, eat plenty of vegetables, and don’t get too stressed out which effect very badly.

Entire body control

One should focus on mobility, obesity and brain fitness as they start to age over 30. Don’t take “Diet drinks” which filled with bad chemicals. Smoking, excessive drinking are also bad for your health.  Follow my steps:

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Healthy diet
  • Products or medicines that increase human growth hormone
  • Use anti-aging products: fish oil, resveratrol and green tea.

By cutting out excessive toxins from your life you can look youthful.

We can take some medical help as well.  For example: Botox injections, micro-dermabrasion procedures, CO2. There are many pills and medicine are available in market place. But before taking anything please make a visit to doctor first..

All research indicates that aging takes place in a cell level. Every time your cells divide and replicate DNA lose some off the end. When you are 18 years our levels of growth hormone may be around 800. After 30 they fell to 150.

Stop looking old actually an idea of adding years to life You can try to manage to stop aging altogether in all levels and you can stop looking older by simply taking care of yourself. So routinely keep up on good health practices.

Do your skin talk about your real age?

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