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Strategies That Can Help To Reduce Your Sadness

Updated on January 8, 2018

Introduction To What Causes Sadness

We all get into those sad moods where we cannot seem to function effectively. When we are sad, we typically get emotional too as the tears start to trickle down our face and we struggle to cope with what has just hit us. Sometimes the sadness is sudden, triggered by major life changes such as a job loss, divorce, or in my case missing someone so much that it causes the body to become exhausted and worn out too. It is said that often times the heart tells the body how to act. Sadness is both a feeling and an emotion that happens to all of us in our lifetime. But the thing to do is to be able to effectively cope with the situation so that it does not impair your ability to live your daily life. This article focuses on strategies designed to deal with the feeling of sadness especially after you have had a really sad episode at night. But these strategies can also work during the day as well. The first part of this article offers a more basic strategy to reduce and/or alleviate your sad feelings.

A Photo Of A Person Crying Because Of Sadness

Strategy #1: Take A Short Nap When You Can

Now your question would probably be how do I make it so that my sadness is made better or at least dissipates for a while? That’s a great question and thank you for asking if you did. Well, the one strategy that I have found that works is to take a short nap. It should not be more than 45 minutes to an hour in length. If you take a nap for over an hour, you will wake up feeling groggy and tired. Sometimes in life, we feel that we need to take naps to rejuvenate our tired bodies. Obviously, if you are working during the day at your job then you cannot take a nap during the day. You would have to take a nap during the weekend when you are not working. That is when you will most likely have the time to do this. As a side note, some people love to take naps or sleep in during rainy days.

If your sadness continues to really impact your life so that you cannot function, then it is not sadness but a more serious problem such as depression. Obviously, taking a nap is only a short term way of coping with a problem like this and if you are really lucky, the nap will make you more motivated to do what you have to do. It is said that the holidays are the most stressful and difficult times of the year. If you are going through difficulty now, you are not alone. You are clearly a worthy person with much to offer to the world. You are capable of accomplishing whatever you need to get done. I have total confidence and faith in you.

Good luck as you take that nap to relax your tired and worn out body. Your emotional health is very important to your well-being.

A Person That Is Very Sad And They Need To Be Consoled

Sadness is a feeling and or emotion that affects people of all ages, races, and backgrounds and it not just limited to young people.
Sadness is a feeling and or emotion that affects people of all ages, races, and backgrounds and it not just limited to young people.

Alleviating Sadness After A Sad Night

Sadness is an emotion that affects just about everyone at some point in their life. We cannot escape this reality. Sadness can and does happen to anyone at any time. This is especially true at nighttime. The motivation for this next part of the article comes from a very sad night that I had several years ago. Sadness happens to all of us because we are human beings. Human beings have feelings and we cannot ignore our feelings. When we are sad, our feelings are some kind of feedback mechanism that lets us know that something is out of alignment. Our feelings let us know that unless we take steps to improve our mood, we will continue to stay in that same sad state of mind. How do you take steps to feel better after having the experience of a sad night? Here are three more strategies to use when you want to alleviate your sad feelings, especially after a sad night:

Three Strategies That You Can Use To Alleviate Your Sadness After A Long Night

  1. Talk to a family member about your feelings and tell them what is causing you to feel this way

First of all, it is important to talk to a family member about your feelings in person if you have the opportunity to do so. Talking to a family member about your sadness can help you because they can maybe come up with strategies on how you can improve your mood. If you have family nearby that you can consult in times of sadness, you are very fortunate because not everyone has family that they can rely on to feel better.

2. Write about your feelings and get them out of your system

When you are sad, you can also write about your feelings and get them out of your system. Write your thoughts on paper or in a journal. Hub Pages is also a great resource to use when you want to express yourself. Writing about your thoughts and feelings helps to release the negativity and toxins that have accumulated in your body as a result. This technique also helps you to put perspective on your situation. It is more than likely that there are many others that are in a worse situation than you are.

3. Know that you are still alive and that this sadness is a temporary condition

You are still alive now especially if you are reading this. Sadness is a condition that is usually temporary and it is triggered by various events in a person’s life. If your sadness lasts for long periods of time and you find yourself not being motivated enough to do even the most basic tasks, and then your situation is not sadness but depression. Depression is more severe than sadness and it requires treatment.

Whatever you may be sad about at this very moment, just realize that it can happen to anyone at anytime. You are not alone. Sadness can strike anyone and it does not matter if you are rich or poor, young or old. Just about everyone feels sad at some point in their life. These three steps are very basic steps on how you can improve your overall mood after experiencing a sad night. If you find that after all of your best attempts that your mood does not improve, then it is best to seek professional help as soon as possible. If these strategies help you as much as they have helped me, then you are on the right track to becoming a happier person.

Frequency Of Sad Feelings

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Interesting Strategy for Healing Grief and Sadness

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