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Why do people turn to alcohol to relieve stress when it makes things worse?

Updated on August 19, 2016
Well the truth is, some people turn to alcohol to "relieve stress" because really they could be alcoholics and not realise it. The "stress" what they are trying to relieve is not stress, it is merely withdrawal symptoms, to simplify, it'seems just their body saying "Where's my beer/wine/vodka etc". However, there is a cure for their repeated alcoholism and "stress". All they need to do to cure these symptoms is get into a residential rehabilitation unit for alcoholics on the NHS and seek counselling, again this can be done free of charge on the NHS. Post rehab, try to do your shopping online at home where you do not have to go down that dreaded alcohol Isle or do your shopping out and about on your mobile, again you needn't worry about walking down the alcohol Isle. If all else fails, speak to your doctor about getting some anti depressant tablets for if you're using alcohol purely for stress. If you are using alcohol because you are an alcoholic, consider talking to your doctor about getting some anti alcohol tablets and REGULAR counselling. Remember, there is nothing wrong with crying out for help when you need help with alcoholism or stress or anything at all really.Also remember that if you are going to have a drink, make sure you are aware of how many units you have taken in and that you are in a good frame of mind. Alcohol is not the only stress reliever.


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