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Stop Stress

Updated on May 19, 2013

You can overcome Stress!

What can you do to stop all this stress? Is there a way to do it? The answer is YES. There is a way, but you have to work hard on it every single day in your life.

You will feel more relaxed, your world will change very fast and you won’t believe how beautiful is the life.

You will love yourself more, enjoy your life better and many other good things will come to you without you notice it.

Know what kind of stress you have.

Let’s take an overview on your stressful moments. I am pretty sure you get upset when you get home and there is a big mess made by your kids or work less of your wife.

You also get upset when your kids are fighting over their toys, you get upset when your dog won't stop barking like crazy or when your neighbor is having a party on Sunday afternoon.

All those are things than can turn to be big things when you are tired or sick. I know all you want is to take a rest and watch TV while drinking a beer.


What to do about stress?

I am going to tell you something: Many people around the world have the same kind of life, but they are not stressed like you are. Do you know why? Because their life like it is.

Let’s say that you don’t have a house, family, job, friends and you have no money.

- Do you think all the things you have today would be good to have? I believe that you would dream about the things you already have everything second in your life. And I ask you now: Why the things you have are bothering you?

- You don’t have to blame yourself, you just have to think differently. Think about the things you already have, Kids are the best thing a family would like to have, Job, you have a job, do you imagine how you would pay your bills without a job, how would you feed your kids?

- Every time you get stressed about the little things, stop and think if you are upset about something else and try to find what really is making you upset. Afterwards, think if it is really a bad thing and try to find a solution as soon as possible, so you will be free of worries and bad times.


Stop Stress

  1. If you are screaming, don’t scream at them, invite them to do something cool, something fun, even though you have just 30 minutes to enjoy their company. Don’t forget to show all your love for them.
  2. When you come home from work and find your house a big mess. Don’t get upset. See it as a great way to help your wife getting things done. You can help her finish the tasks or you can go play with your kids while she gets some time to finish it. Remember, if your wife is a stay home mom, give some time to her, so she can go shopping or do something she wants!
  3. If your neighbor is having a party in a sunny day, go ride your bike with your family, go to a park, go watch a movie or visit a friend. Don’t let the happiness of somebody else bother you, go get some happiness as well! In the end, everybody deserves to be happy! Never forget it: Life is too short to worry about little things! Love yourself!

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind to Acheive ANY Goal


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    • Ingenira profile image

      Ingenira 4 years ago

      Great reminders.

      Actually, I enjoy stress, as long as it doesn't consume me. Stress makes me strive to be better than I was. But getting drown in stress for a long period of time until health is at risk is a no no.