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Stress Management Hypnosis London

Updated on July 7, 2014

Help for Stress Management Relief and Stress Disorder

Stress affects us all. Sometimes it is a temporary phase we are going through. Other times stress can seem never ending and become a long-term issue.

Stress management is the term used to acknowledge that stress exists but to use various methods to help manage that stress.

Sometimes, just our way of perceiving a situation causes stress. A change in perception can bring an amazing sense of relief.

Stress can be reduced or managed in many ways. One of the most effective ways of managing stress from whatever cause, is to make sure you have a balanced life.

Persistent and long term stress may need special help such as counselling or therapy. The body does not handle long-term stress very well and can lead to physical problems such as ulcers, high blodd pressure and other disorders.

The aim this lens is give you a number of ideas and solutions to taking responsibility for your stress.

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Stress Management a Solution

Stress happens to everyone. It is not pleasant and can affect your mood and interfere with your sleep patterns.

Persistent stress is not good for the body. It can lead to an over-production of acid in the stomach the result of which is usually an ulcer. High blood pressure can also result from being stressed for an extended period of time.

If you have long-term stress or just feel unable to cope you should contact your doctor to find out what help is available.

Self hypnosis is a relaxation method that I teach to virtually all my clients. It can be learnt in a one-to-one session lasting 90 minutes and is supported by a self hypnosis cd.

Once learnt self hypnosis can be a life long tool you can use for many issues other than stress. In fact when used regularly it can help you enjoy more life success.

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Stress Management London

Anxiety Hypnotherapy London Essex

Help for yoru stress and anxiety.

Self Hypnosis Cds for Relief from Stress

The number one most popular issue that users of a self hypnosis cd or clients of a hypnotherapist seek help with is stress. Even if their presenting issue appears different, such as a phobia or lack of confidence, somewhere in the mix will be a stress issue. So helping anyone to reduce their stress can be a great and effective way of reducing the symptoms and often the cause of any issue.

Self hypnosis either with the use of a self hypnosis cd or without any aid whatsoever is a technique that can not only assist stress reduction and encourage more and longer lasting feelings of relaxation it can also help alleviate the cause of the problem or issue.

Most often the causes of any issue whether physical, mental or emotional is incorrect thinking about life's events. There is no doubt that we are different from each other for many reasons. One of the main differences is being to perceive an identical and often the same event than someone who experiences that event at the same time.

A well-known example is what I refer to as the "2 Half Pints of Beer Scenario". This is the story of two men in a bar who have been drinking beer. They both have the same amount of beer left to drink: a half of a pint. One the men thinks to himself "oh no, my glass is half empty". The other man thinks, "Great, my glass is still half full".

Now both these chaps are in the same situation and have the same physical stimulus in front of them. Yet one is obviously having a better time of it than the other. Most often these to chaps are referred to as the pessimist and the optimist.

So it is not necessarily what happens on our world that causes us to have an issue or stress, most often it can be the way we perceive a situation and ultimately how we process that situation and store it away as a memory.

As you know, some memories just give us a neutral feeling, or no feeling at all when we think about them. An example would be writing a note or driving to the shops for most people. When you think about that memory of driving to the shops or writing that note, it does not bring up any strong feelings.

Thinking about a memory of being laughed at by your whole class when in senior school can bring with it a decidedly uncomfortable feeling. On the other hand, the memory winning that egg and spoon race when you were only 3 years old can bring happy and carefree feelings.

Changing the way we think about past and what appear to be negative events can give us a sense of release and prevent us subconsciously sabotaging future opportunities. Coupled with a relaxation regime such as listening regularly to a self-hypnosis cd can really pay dividends. After all once you have learnt the lesson of the past event (which might be to make sure you prepare for a speech) why do you have to carry the unhelpful feelings around. There really is no need to be burdened anymore is there not?

Stress Management Tips

Stress management tips. Learn self hypnosis to help you feel more relaxed and calmer

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