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Relieving Stress To Live

Updated on April 6, 2011

8 Stress Relieving Tips For Wellness

April has been designated as Stress Month. I see every month as being  "stress month", so here are some things you can do to relieve stress all  year long. To relieve stress begins with making some changes in your  life. We all hate change because that moves us from our comfort zone,  which can be stressful. Her are some tips that if you try a few you'll change is not so stressful  after all.

  • Brighten up your home – If you are tried of the rooms in your home,  have you ever considered giving them a mini makeover? Rearranging  furniture, changing your décor, or giving the walls a fresh coat of paint  to give you something new to look at. Redecorating allows you to focus  your mind on a project separate from stressful issue, and creativity  does wonders for your self-esteem.
  • Slow down and enjoy your meals – Try not to skip or gobble down  meals. Take a moment and actually chew your food. Try  chewing your  food 26 times so your taste buds let you know how the food taste.This  will help you avoid a serious case of indigestion, that slows down the  digestion process which can lead to other unpleasant conditions such  as constipation.Take the time to sit down and enjoy regular meals  during the day.
  • Enjoy the outdoors –  Now that it's spring and you've been coup out  indoors all winter a breath of fresh air will do yuo a world of good. Make  the effort to go outside and fill your lungs with fresh air. Take a nice  walk and enjoy the scenery and sounds of the outside world. This is a  fantastic way to clear your mind and organize your thoughts.
  • Breath and stretch – Take the time to stretch your body at different  points during the day, and remember to breathe deeply every once in a  while. Stretching and breathing is the best stress reliever for the whole  body, especially your lungs. It is our shallow breathing that puts stress  on respiratory system. Give your lungs a good work-out by deep  breathing. This also helps to release tension from your body and will  keep you more alert and less irritable.
  • Take breaks – Everyone needs breaks. Don’t skip them to get a head  start on other work. Take this time to relax and do something you  enjoy. Treat yourself to warm baths, a cup of hot tea or a Reflexology  session.Wear comfortable clothing – Whenever you can, wear clothing  that is loose fitting and soft. Wear comfortable shoes that allow your  feet to move and breathe. Try closing your eyes for 5 minutes to  recharge your body. It is the second best thing to taking a nap.
  • Express and embrace your feelings – Don’t bottle up your emotions.  You should experience emotions regardless if they are negative or  positive. You should also express the way you feel to others, and find  ways to release pent up emotions. Great methods include singing and  writing. Let it all out and you will feel good when you release those pent  up emotions that in the end can destroy you mentally, physically and  emotionally. Now that is real stress you want to avoid.
  • Make time to do something that is special to you –  You owe it to  yourself. You spend time doing for others and fail to do for self. This is  a real stressor. Do you have a hobby you really enjoy (reading,  dancing, swimming, traveling, board games etc.)? When you engage in  activities you like, you are comfortable and happy.Remember to put  your name on your appointment book and keep that appointment with  yourself. Do not cancel it because it just might save your life.
  • Take care of your body –  You only get one original body.Eat well,  exercise, stay well hydrated, and be sure to get a good night sleep.In  taking care of your body begins with how you see your body. Is your  body a temple or a warehouse? If it is a warehouse clean it out so you can release the stress.

When you putting together your stress relief program understand this "You are  what you THINK". Change your thoughts to release the stress. Try using a combination of different stress relief methods and  avoid using only one. The more ways you can implement rest, fun  relaxation, enjoyment and positive thinking into your lifestyle, the less  stress will have a hold on your life. Take the step today to kick stress  to the curb.


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