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Striiv Smart Pedometer

Updated on April 9, 2013

What Makes Striiv Smart Pedometers Unique

There are a lot of Pedometers out there.

But Striiv is more than that. It is a smart pedometer; it will update your online database and encourage you to do your exercise more efficiently, and simply more often.

But still...There are other Smart Pedometers out there. Some that even have more features and information that they update. (like the FitBit Ultra)

But Striiv does something that none of these other pedometers do.. it makes walking fun. Stiiv gives instant feedback to how you are doing. It has awards, levels and points. You can use these points and gain more from walking games. It also ties into a fun social network, so you can compete in games, points and walking with others.

Striiv really does make walking fun

With the Striiv games it is just so much more than a pedometer. It is a fun and exciting way to trick yourself into wanting to get more and more exercise. If you love social and online games, why not play one that gets you FIT?

Striiv really works to increase your daily walking - Why walking more daily is important

Benefits of walking with Striiv
Benefits of walking with Striiv

Doctors recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of walking each and every day to maintain fitness. You can see some of the important reasons for daily walking from the graph above.

But Striiv users report an average of 90 minutes walking a day! A great result that leads driectly to 70% of users reporting increased health and an average of 13 pounds lost using Striiv Smart Pedometer.

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Striiv Mini-Walkathons

Striiv Mini Walkathons
Striiv Mini Walkathons

Hopefully you should be walking to achieve more fitness for yourself. But it certainly doesn't hurt to give to others. Particularly when it costs you nothing to do so.

At no cost to you, Striiv and their corporate sponsors will give money to charity based on meeting some mini "Walkathon" goals with your Striiv. ALl you need to do is continue to use your Striiv and walk. Perhaps you do 8000 steps a day, and then realize that by doing 2000 more steps you could help to save a rainforest, or give clean water to a family in Africa. This gives you the extra drive to get those 2000 further steps, increasing your fitness and helping others at the same time.

Striiv just makes walking FUN - Goals, Awards, Games and Competition with Striiv

Striiv Makes Walking Fun
Striiv Makes Walking Fun

Striiv makes your walking fun!

Striiv has a few ways of doing this.

Striiv Sets Personalized Goals

Striiv Will learn your walking patterns. If you climb a set of stairs each and every day, Striiv will learn this and devise challenges for you to help you get fit.

There are many achievements and award levels. Yu can compete against other or just try to reach and beat personal goals.

Striiv Games powered by your walking

One of the rewards and challenges striiv gives are quite a few walking powered games. From Building your own island based from points you gain while exercising to racing a penguin up the Statue of Liberty, Striiv has a large series of games that will reel you in and get your addicted to the fun of walking and getting fit.

Be warned though, these games may get you up at night walking to collect your points. Of course, this is a great fitness benefit, that cannot be denied.

Striiv Is Social

Striiv Will allow you to compete against friends and family through wireless connectivity in both the games that are played and the daily, weekly and monthly achievement goals. You can bet points against others join groups dedicated to fitness and Striiv and of course share all your achievements on Twitter and Facebook. Walking has never been as fun as with Striiv.

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Striiv Smart Pedometer

Striiv Smart Pedometer, Basic Bundle
Striiv Smart Pedometer, Basic Bundle

The Striiv Smart Pedometer is great at giving graphic feedback as well as setting and creating goals for the user.

With the use of trophies and video games, walking turns into building an island, tending gardens and animals. It makes walking and achieving goals a blast! There are enough unexpected goals and achievements that it can be fun to walk father just to see what is next.

Exercise and fitness is a long term goal and a lifestyle change, but the striiv does a wonderful job of creating the short term goals to make reaching the long term goal that much easier and fun.

Striiv not only raises your awareness of the activity levels you have during each and everyday, but it makes walking really fun and pushes you to get out there and do more of it.

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Striiv Smart Pedometer Video

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    • profile image

      squidoosportsguy 5 years ago

      Striiv is such a great tool. It can really get you going!! A great way to inspire and get you to do that little bit extra...and a little bit extra every single day adds up quickly!

    • profile image

      flashkid 5 years ago

      There seem to be lot of similarities between this Striiv and Squidoo...trophies, rewards, challenges, charity...

    • profile image

      peggy-berry-144 5 years ago

      I love my striiv its an awesome gadget. It motivates me to walk more when my day is done, my day is not really done. Plus I get to challenge myself as well as my friends thats awesome.Also what really gives me a. rush is I get to give back to people less fortunate than me

    • Tracie-Fisher profile image

      Tracie-Fisher 5 years ago

      I want one! They really provide a fun way to get moving. Thanks for the info.