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Suction Cup Massage, Ancient Healing Method In The New Way

Updated on April 20, 2014

Why Suction Cup Massage

Ancient therapy techniques continue to be revolutionized in the healing arena of our modern world. Suction cup massage has joined the healing art of cup therapy from ancient China to the current healing arts of today. Read on for more information regarding this unique massage therapy.

What is suction cup massage?

Massage cupping is basically a reversed massage; traditional massage pushes inward while the suction cups lift the skin and underlying tissues outward from the body. More details here

It is a method of providing stimulation by application of cups to the skin. A vacuum is created enhancing blood flow and relaxing tight muscles. The therapy reduces back pain and body stiffness. Suction cup massage may be followed with an application of essential oils, liniments, or analgesics.

Suction cups are placed on the body usually to the back to provide manipulation. Application of lubricant topically before placing the cups can assist with obtaining a tight seal and ease in gliding the cups during treatment. The ancient method used heat to extract the air from the cup but modernized cups allow for mechanical extraction with a hand pump. Cupping is usually applied on nodal sites but non nodal regions can be used also.

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Watch How Suction Cupping Works

Massage Cupping 101

How does it work?

The suction creates negative pressure draining excessive fluids along with toxins from the tissues. It also provides stimulation to the peripheral nervous system bringing increased blood circulation providing oxygenation to skin and muscles that have been stagnant. Adhesions are loosened and knots in the soft tissues smoothed away

How does it feel?

A suction cup massage will take about 20 minutes including suction time of around 5 minutes and relaxation time of about 15 minutes. The therapy produces a feeling of warmth on the body. If pain or discomfort is felt the session should be ended. The skin will probably turn red indicating the increased circulation on the surface of the skin.

Benefits of Suction Cup Massage

  • Tight muscles are loosened
  • Complete body relaxation
  • Chronic pain is diminished
  • Blood pressure is lowered
  • Skin Tone is enhanced
  • Promotes restful and peaceful sleep
  • Concentration is improved
  • Immune system is strengthened
  • Improves range of motion
  • Improves flexibility
  • Relieves tiredness
  • Relieves muscle aches
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Removes neck tension

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Suction cup massage has unlimited possibilities with other modalities for overall health and pain management. The equipment is economical and easy for practitioners to maintain for patient therapy.

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      BigDropShip 6 years ago

      cupping is interesting

    • profile image

      BigDropShip 6 years ago

      interesting alternative method.