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Supporting The Cause of Green Yoga

Updated on December 26, 2015

What is Green Yoga?

Several organizations or independent groups have been built up in an effort to promote the cause of green yoga. The issue of the environment is not entirely novel. After all, it was way back during the 1960s wherein information drive about the long-term consequences of abusive use of the environment and its natural resources was first initiated. In addition to over consumption of the natural resources, the continued use of harmful chemicals and other toxic substances have also contributed to the gradual degradation of the environment. Contributing further is the boom in population, which means there are more people utilizing the limited resources of the environment.

Indeed, all of these activities have taken its toll on the environment such that people are just recently experiencing its effects. Green yoga was therefore initiated by environmentalists and yogis alike in an effort to save what's left of the planet. In the long run, the inhabitants of the planet are the ones who are going to benefit from it.

Yoga and Environmental Consciousness

Global warming is the epitome of the present-day environmental crisis that people are suffering from. Green yoga is a method that utilizes traditional yoga practices to create awareness among yogis about the value of overcoming environmental crisis and protecting it for future use. There is more emphasis in promoting this cause among those belonging to the yoga community through the spreading of practical information.

Forging an eco-consciousness is therefore at the top of the priorities among green yoga activists. It starts with a re-evaluation of your relationship with the environment. Once you are aware of the state of the environment, you can build a new dedication that will refresh your commitment at preserving it to last for the future.

Link of the Sutras and Environment

The yama sutra or the first stage towards the eight-limbed path in yoga's effort to attain samadhi plays a vital role in forging the efforts of green yoga towards environmental awareness. The philosophies outlined by the yama in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras help to bridge that relationship between yoga and the environment.

The are four major concepts under the yama sutra that appeal to the state of the environment, which are the following: ahimsa or non-violence, asteya or non-stealing, satya or truthfulness, and saucha or purity. All of these yoga concepts pertain to building a nurturing (instead of a destructive) relationship with the environment; after all, this is the only home for humans.

Green Yoga

Issues That Green Yoga Hopes to Address

Each day, the problem of global warming just continues to worsen. Therefore, green yoga activists believe that the sooner the efforts of preserving the environment is done, the earlier you can help in preserving what's left off it for future generations. There are some special areas of concern though when it comes to which environmental issues the movement is focused on to ensure that they are addressed as soon as possible.

The glaciers and polar ice caps are melting at a more rapid rate than biologists would have predicted early on due to the intense level of global warming. There is also a large amount of pollution affecting air, water, and land, which exposes various living organisms to harmful toxins killing most of these living species. And it's no surprise that several species of animals have been known to have gone extinct because of this same reason.

What are the Benefits?

Aside from the environment, did you know that practicing green yoga can have benefit in your life as well? Here are just a few general ones:

  • When you work on preserving the environment, you get to enjoy a healthier and safer place to live in.
  • Acquiring the principles of green yoga will provide you with the practical knowledge on how you can practice your advocacy.
  • Your spiritual activism towards preserving the planet will enable you to discover more about yourself.
  • You eliminate any form of negative emotion associated with the build up of environmental crisis.

How to practice Green Yoga: 10 Green Yoga Tips

Evanston's First Green Yoga Studio

Current Efforts of Green Yoga

If you want to learn more on how you can acquire the principles of green yoga to your life, you can look for various organizations that cater to this particular objective. There are lots of those within a yoga community and if you belong in one, you can ask for recommendations on what activities you can participate in to show your concern.

The Green Yoga Association also holds several talks and press conferences discussing options and activities that yoga activists can join in. Through this, you can gain vital practical information that you can use on how you can make individual contributions.

Green Yoga Studios

Some yogis have truly dedicated themselves into promoting the objectives of green yoga by adapting eco-friendly practices in their respective yoga studios. Hence, it has enabled more yogis to support this movement and its cause by opting for something that is a lot friendlier to the environment.

Here are some tips in setting up your own green yoga studio to benefit the environment:

  • You can utilize environmentally-friendly deck materials, such as recycled plastic, boards, and other similar materials. You must avoid using wood cleaning products that are high in toxic materials.
  • Focus on using materials that will protect the welfare of the yoga practitioners instead of merely focusing on materials that will endure for a long time. After all, it is against the yoga doctrine to defy impermanence and one must learn to accept their role as part of the overall scheme of things.
  • Try to conserve in energy usage in your yoga studio. If not, look for alternative and green energy sources.
  • Get rid of yoga mats that contain harmful PVC or polyvinyl chloride. Instead, go for yoga mats that are made out of recycled materials that are known to be eco-friendly.
  • Replace paper towels with hand towels that are washable and can be reused.

The 12 Keys of Spiritual Activism

Spiritual Activism Through Green Yoga

Spiritual activism is like a fuel that powers this motor known as Green Yoga. Indeed, it has built up that core foundation at which most of the philosophy of green yoga hinges on. Ahimsa or non-violence is one of the teachings in the yoga doctrine found under the Yama, or teachings on what your attitude to world and all its living inhabitants should be like. As a yogi, you therefore need to dedicate yourself to the preservation of all forms of living things and avoid committing acts of violence at all times.

That includes the environment then, which you must try to protect against all acts of violence. There is also practicality in this since you can help preserve the natural resources to be utilized by future generations. Those who support the green yoga movement must take measures in their daily life to show their advocacy to help spread the word of the movement on a global scale. Hence, one must take responsibility for their actions toward the environment and promote the same with others so more people can gain a better understanding on the value of protecting the environment.

Green Yoga Books on Amazon

Green Yoga Videos on Amazon


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