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Survival Guides, Survival Gear, Disaster Prep Guides

Updated on March 4, 2013

Survival Guides and What to Do in an Emergency

Survival Guides & Disaster Preparedness Guides for Disaster or Civil Unrest in uncertain times.

When the SHTF in your area or part of the world, the natural thing to want to do BEFORE this possibly happens, is to PREPARE!

This guide will help you and your family to prepare for disasters, emergencies, SHTF, civil unrest, martial law and general apocalyptic conditions.

If you have not yet started, now is the time! It's always better to be prepared in any case, and not need the survival gear, than to need it and not have it...

Wise words. Let's see what items can serve us best on a tight budget.

One of the recommended resource books on the matter of preparing is Crisis Preparedness Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Home Storage and Physical Survival.

A central resource for what items and information you will need should disaster happen...

The items you will need for you and your family for survival. The plans, guides and items that are essential for surviving a possible catastrophe or disaster.

So you want to prepare for survival? What you'll need: Survival Guides, useful documents and knowledge, supply of food, water source or supply and essential items to stockpile in your preparedness supply or stash.

  • Disaster Preparations - Plan your needs and purchases in a hierarchy of priority...
  • Survival Gear, Survival Kits - This includes first aid kits and emergency supplies
  • Emergency Kit, First Aid Kits - Every bugout bag or emergency kit should have several small 1st aid kits
  • Survival Guides, Survival PDF documents - Knowledge is key!
  • Plan on hardcopy docs not electronic copies
  • Army Survival Guides, Mil Handbooks - Military handbooks are crucial for gaining that information in a disaster
  • SHTF Plan, documents - What plan do you have for your survival guide?
  • Bugout Bag Lists - Plan and implement your bug out bag (your bag you grab in a pinch)
  • Essentials: Food, Water, Shelter - You need these essentials, don't rely on your store or supermarket in a disaster, supplies there are gone FAST!

Survival Guide: Rule of Threes

The Survival Guide: Rule of Threes is a Key Rule to Remember...

Just How Long Can a Person Survive?

Fact: A person can survive:

- Without Air: 3 Minutes

- Without Shelter: 3 Hours

- Without Water: 3 Days

- Without Food: 3 Weeks

- Without Hope: 3 Weeks

Survival Bugout Bag Ideas - ...Some bugout bag ideas to start with

Just what is a bugout bag? This is your bag that you grab if you can only grab ONE bag! Prepare this bag ahead of time stocked with the essential survival gear, survival guides and other necessities for an emergency or disaster.

Bugout Bag Survival Supplies - ...Bug Out Bag Essential Survival Gear & Kit

Bug Out Books & Manuals - ...Some SHTF Guides on Bugout

These essential Survival Guides should be part of your Survival Gear Library and packed away for that rainy day. The information contained here can save you and your family's lives.

When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need To Survive When Disaster Strikes
When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need To Survive When Disaster Strikes

Survival Guide and Survival Gear - All Hell breaks Loose, Bugout bag

Emergency Preparedness The Right Way
Emergency Preparedness The Right Way

Emergency Prep - Survival Guides and Survival Gear

Build the Perfect Survival Kit
Build the Perfect Survival Kit

Perfect Survival Kits and Survival Info


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