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Healthy BLOOD CIRCULATION with Natural Herbal Remedies

Updated on July 5, 2011

Healthy BLOOD CIRCULATION with Natural Herbal Remedies

Healthy BLOOD CIRCULATION with Natural Herbal Remedies

LET IT FLOW…….Take steps to improve blood circulation. A Healthy Blood Circulation is as essential as having a nutrient rich diet. This is to ensure that the nutrients are effectively transported to nourish every cell in your body.

Let’s start looking at something near us to help our cells get the nutrients. Let’s explore nature’s goodness which you can easily find in your kitchen that can help you improve and maintain a healthy blood circulation.

Taking Cayenne is beneficial. Cayenne, red pepper, chili etc… it is all the same:

  • Cayenne works by preventing platelets from clumping together and accumulating in the blood and allowing the blood to flow easier.
  • It also helps to dilate blood vessels, increasing blood flow throughout the body and importantly to the major organs.
  • Those people whose feet and hands are usually cold, cayenne may help as cayenne has warning effect, thus helps to warn cold feet and hands

Ginkgo has various uses as food and traditional medicine and its uses are famous round the world with people from all walks of life. Ginkgo can be taken in extract form or you can make it more interesting by preparing them as delicious desert or include in part of a main dish, example boiling ginkgo in chicken soup.

  • Ginkgo has shown to improve blood circulation by dilating the vessels and reducing the stickiness of blood platelets
  • It can promote microcirculations in tiny capillaries; hence improve blood flow to the extremities.
  • It is known to improve wide variety of blood circulation issues like varicose veins, benefits cognitive functions like thinking, learning , memory and retinal deterioration
  • It is use for Alzheimer's disease and is said to have proven benefits for elderly person with such problems.

Garlic is included in many cuisine dishes, be it European, American or Asian since ancient times. It does not need more introductions and is easily purchased in raw bulb or in prepared and package form, for example coarsely chopped, roasted and packaged for culinary purposes. Most pharmacies carry Garlic as extracted supplements for medicinal purposes.

  • Researchers found that garlic relaxes the blood vessels, and interacts with red blood cells to increase the production of hydrogen sulfide that improves blood circulation
  • Garlic is said to be able to reduce the accumulation of cholesterol in the walls of the arteries, protecting arteries from blockage that may lead to heart attack or stroke.
  • It is believed to reduce the accumulation of LDL. Garlic should be taken raw for this purpose and it is recommended to raw chop garlic finely to enable easier consumption.

Ginger another common ingredients found in the kitchen, is used as delicacies, spice and also for its medicinal value. Ginger can be consumed fresh, dried, and powdered, as juice or oil. Ginger adds flavor and zest to Asian stir frying cooking. It is aromatic, pungent and spicy. Gingerols, zingerone or shogaols are the active components of ginger that is of benefits to us.

  • Researchers found that Ginger may lower cholesterol through lowering the absorption of cholesterol in the blood and liver
  • It prevent blood clotting
  • It is warming herbs, good especially for senior people and used to treat sickness from cancer to migraines.
  • Here is simple ginger drink preparation, from tradition Chinese recipes to improve blood circulation, and it is believe to relieve common cold too.
  • · Ginger Tea Recipes

Take 1 inch of fresh ginger and cut into 3-4 pieces. Whack the ginger with back of a knife and boil in 2 cups of water. Let it simmer for few minutes until the water is light yellowish in color. Stir in 2-3 tablespoon of brown sugar to taste. Drink ginger tea warm.


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    • profile image

      sooisooi 6 years ago

      helpful information, will include natural remedies in my diet

    • profile image

      rorshak sobchak 6 years ago

      This was an interesting Hub. It is always great to try natural first because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Great write up!