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Tea Tree Vs Willow Bark on Acne

Updated on September 30, 2016

Two Natural Remedies for Acne - Who is the Clear Winner!

-Tea Tree Oil -

It has been my experience that the most effective treatment for acne is tea tree oil. And I have noticed this essential oil is also used to remove acne scars.

This is because it has a lot of antibacterial properties in it that help to combat acne and its scars. You should apply tea tree oil directly but sparingly on the acne using a cotton tip or ball.

It dissolves all oily matter from building up around the sebaceous glands.

In lay persons terms the sebaceous glands are small pockets on the skin that produce oil. A large number of these are located on the face, upper back, chest and shoulders.

The production is for a good cause thought, to lubricate and protect the skin from drying out, so we need some of the oils. This is perfect in keeping the skin soft, youthful and supple looking.

It is when the glandular pockets become overactive and pump out too much oil which starts to cause the issues.

Tea tree oil is like a solvent to the oil, in and around these pockets, this is the action that is working on the clearing the skin.

How I used the oil.

I had to apply it frequently but as soon as I saw results, I started to decrease the number of applications to about twice a week.

Tea tree oil can also help to soothe the itchiness, burning and redness that often comes along with acne.

-Willow Bark-

Salicylic acid that the willow bark extracts did break up the oil that clogs the pores of the skin and thus prevent acne from forming. As it is a natural product one must apply the willow bark extracts for at least two months before he/she gets any results.

My opinion willow bark works great on maintenance after you have gotten rid of most of the blemishes.

What The Label Should Say

Any of the tea tree oil products should be pharmaceutical grade. Look for that on the labeling.

Also check to see what other ingredients have been added such as water, glycerin, alcohol, menthol - use as fragrance and a cooling agent or colorings also. It's very common to add other oils and herbs and that's o.k. just be sure to check the labels.

This is natural oil that is a pale yellow in color and has a distinct fragrance of camphor. There are plenty of health benefits that tea tree oil has to offer, it can be used in the treatment of fungal infections, athlete's foot, dandruff and acne. In fact, tea tree oil is so effective that simply smelling the essential oils from freshly crushed leaves can cure colds.

Tea Tree Oil (Australian) 4 Fl.oz. with Glass Dropper 100 % Pure and Natural Therapeutic Essential Oil to Help in Fighting Dandruff, Acne, Toenail Fungus, Yeast Infections, Cold Sores & More...
Tea Tree Oil (Australian) 4 Fl.oz. with Glass Dropper 100 % Pure and Natural Therapeutic Essential Oil to Help in Fighting Dandruff, Acne, Toenail Fungus, Yeast Infections, Cold Sores & More...

A convenient tea tree oil treatment for the face. Plus and added bonus of natural products to smooth and heal the skin. Rated one of the top products by independent reviewers, smells great and gets the job done.

Look for a container with a dropper. Having a dropper handy makes it easy to make sugar or facial scrubs and toners. See our simple recipes and videos below to create your own at home beauty products, for way less than half the price.


How to Apply the Oil

There are many ways to apply tea tree oil, you are supposed to apply it directly on the acne, but make sure that it is a small amount.

You can also mix it with carrier oils like coconut oil, olive oil and apply this on your skin. Tea tree oil cannot be applied directly on cystic acne; this is the painful acne that develops under the skin.

There are many face washes, lotions, face packs and other topical medications with tea tree oil in them.

Some fans of the oil say for lasting results, you should probably consider using the essential oil. Tea tree oil is most effective when it is used an essential oil; this is because it is just pure oil that has been extracted from the tree itself.

But my experience is the combination products work week, apply better and often smell better then just tea tree oil extract.

Honey and Tea Tree Oil Homemade Facial Mask

This treatment is an easy homemade face mask, that is gentle on the skin and easy to make with readily available products. The instructions are below along with a how to video.

Honey and Tea Tree Oil Mask

  1. Wash and dry the area you are going to apply the mask. I have used it on my face, but you can use it on other areas also.
  2. You will need a small bowl to prepare the mixture, I found that glass was the best for scooping the mixture out of and the easiest to clean, but anything will do, don't worry to much about it.
  3. Squeeze in about 1 teaspoon of honey, I just use a regular small serving spoon.
  4. Drop in 3- 5 drops of the oil. Use less drops (3) if you have sensitive skin.
  5. Mix well, it takes a few seconds to get the oil and honey to combine.
  6. Apply the mixture to the washed area and wait 15 to 20 minutes. It will feel sticky, but not dry.
  7. Wash off, with a facial cleanser, you do not need to use a harsh soap. The product will wash off easily.

Easy and I really love this mask! Please watch the video below for a live demonstration.

DIY Natural Tea Tree Oil Toner

Store bought toners can contain harsh chemicals that can leave your skin feeling dry. An easy, inexpensive (cheap!) way to make your own toner at home with readily available grocery store ingredients is as follows.

This recipe will make 3 ounces. I would recommend small batches to keep it fresh. It will depend if you are just using it on your face, or chest and back, how long it will last.

I found an easy way to measure is buy a 3 oz empty travel size container. Look at the dollar store or variety store.

Put in 1 and ½ ounces water add 1 and ½ ounces apple cider vinegar, drop in 5 drops of tea tree oil. Shake well, apply with a cotton ball, and let dry.

It’s super easy, cheap, smells fantastic and best of all it works! Try it!

DIY Tea Tree Oil Toner
DIY Tea Tree Oil Toner | Source

What is Willow Bark?

Acne can also be treated with willow bark and though these days there may be many treatments for acne, like facial creams and laser treatment but they are not without side effects.

How Willow Bark Works.

Willow bark extracts are used in many dermatological creams as they help reduce acne because of its salicylic acid that helps reduce acne.

Though willow bark extracts must be applied with aloe as base they can also be applied directly in very small quantities otherwise they are known to cause burning sensation in the skin.

As it is a natural product one must apply the willow bark extracts for at least two months before he/she gets any results. Native to the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa this tree also gives us medicines for fevers and various other diseases.

Salicylic acid from the willow bark extracts comes from salicin which metabolizes in the human liver and becomes salicylic acid which further metabolizes into aspirin giving willow bark extracts the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It is necessary as well as important to use the willow bark extracts everyday unless visible signs of acne does not go away.

Lastly it is always advisable that it is prevention which is better than cure, so it is advisable not to eat too much fried food and junk food and also along with this medicine one can also use a good face wash having salicylic acid base so as to reduce acne. Also stress aggravates acne and given the stressful lives that we lead one is bound to develop acne and once a pimple develops one has to go to a dermatologist to get a proper treatment done.

How Willow Bark Works - Video

A good explanation of what the ingredients in willow bark are and how the affect the skin.

Where to Find Willow Bark

One common and fairly famous brand is called Burt Bee's.This product is sold at many corner drug stores.

Same as tea tree oil skin products these can be natural but do have binders and sometimes fragrances to add to the creams, washes and lotions.

Black Willow Vegan, All Natural, Organic Bar Soap for Acne with Charcoal, Handmade by A Wild Soap Bar
Black Willow Vegan, All Natural, Organic Bar Soap for Acne with Charcoal, Handmade by A Wild Soap Bar

I liked using this soap because it has the added benefit of charcoal to help pull the oils out of the skin, and it smells amazing.


Have you ever tried these natural products to treat your skin?

Are you a Tea Tree or Willow Bark Believer?

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    • qikey1 lm profile image

      qikey1 lm 4 years ago

      Tea Tree oil is just wonderful. I had no idea about Williow bark- that it was sold as an extract. Good to know I will look into it!

    • profile image

      TanoCalvenoa 4 years ago

      Good for you, spreading awareness of willow bark. It works better for me than any of the standard pain relievers like Aleve or Advil or Bayer Aspirin. It's natural and doesn't have the problems like rebound headache that the non-natural versions have.