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Teenage Pregnancy Facts

Updated on May 30, 2012

Some teenage pregnancy facts that you might not be aware of

Did you know that about 43% of the pregnant teens end up dying from pregnancy related complications? This is another of the many devastating teenage pregnancy facts. Despite the world having the made strides in medicine, complications might arise from the delivery. It can be quite devastating to have a teenager and the baby having complications during the delivery. There are many more devastating teenage pregnancy facts apart from these ones.

In the world, fertility rates vary constantly every year and we can see some really disastrous teenage pregnancy facts. If you think about the age that a young lady can get pregnant has significantly dropped. When compared to ten years ago the average age where a young lady can get pregnant at as young as 9.

There are many factors that contribute to early maturity and teenage pregnancy facts are concerning. With this in mind there is need to start sex education at a very early age. It is viewed that over 30% of ladies have their first sexual encounter at the age of 12. Since sexual promiscuity is at an all time high, the rate of teenage pregnancy is very high.


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Teenage pregnancy facts


About teenage pregnancy facts and things you should know

In this article we are going to go through some teenage pregnancy facts you might not be aware of. Ifyou are aware of them, this should spur to go and find out me teenage pregnancy facts. Let’s get started on them shall we. Majority of pregnant teenagers end up in low paying jobs: Majority of the youth in the world who are parents are predisposed to having low paying jobs.

The reality on the ground is simple; they are confronted by the reality of parenthood and low paying jobs are the only alternative in order to provide for their offspring. This is among the many devastating teenage pregnancy facts. It is a pity to see that things aren’t bound to change anytime soon.

As I mentioned earlier, this article should spur you to explore some teenage pregnancy facts that I might not have highlighted. This article should act as a clarion call to find out more about teenage pregnancy facts and basically empower your teenager. It should empower them to know that parenthood is great responsibility which should not be taken lightly; it doesn’t make sense for a kid to raise a kid.

Society would be top survey if the natural order of things would be upset. The order of things being that mature adults should be the ones raising children and not vice versa, as we do not want to read about teenage pregnancy facts being so alarming.

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Teenage pregnancy facts

Teenage pregnancy facts every teenager should hear of. If you too want to know all about teenage pregnancy facts, read this lens.
Teenage pregnancy facts every teenager should hear of. If you too want to know all about teenage pregnancy facts, read this lens. | Source

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