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teeth care for children

Updated on August 15, 2008

First Care


When your baby's teeth first begin to appear it is a good idea to start cleaning them on a daily basis with a clean washcloth or moist gauze. Continue to do this until your child is about a year and a half when you can use a child-size toothbrush. Even though infants mostly drink some form of milk and juice in their first year it is important that their teeth are cleaned to avoid early decay.

A child has 20 baby teeth
A child has 20 baby teeth

Toddler Teeth

At least once a day, preferably before bedtime you should brush your child's teeth. Also during the day after each meal when your child is between three and five and not yet in school make it a habit to let your child, (with your assistance ),brush their teeth. It is normal for kids to just want to bite on the toothbrush more than brush. (I know we all probably did it as toddlers)

Don't try to be a stickler on your child about how to brush correctly. The most important thing to focus on is to establish a pattern of dental care, and even chewing on a toothbrush helps clean the teeth.

Primary Dental visit

Start taking your child to the dentist by two years old ,which is in compliance with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

In most children all primary teeth have come in by the time they are between two and three years old and have few of no dental problems, especially if early cleaning as I mentioned in my opening is practiced.

The first dental visit will consist of a basic examination of the teeth and mild cleaning. As a parent or guardian be a positive support by having a positive and relaxed attitude about the appointment so that your child will have it too.

Choices and Recommendations

Parents have choices on where to take their child for that first dental appointment. Do your homework by contacting your dental plan for a list of pediatric dentists that have positive feedback from parents and children. Also if you have friends who have children talk to them about recommendations for a good children's dentist.

What parents should remember is that the first impression is a lasting one......make sure your child is going to be comfortable and enjoy his/her first visit to the dentist......their teeth depend on it !!!


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    • profile image

      johnrgant 8 years ago

      cool, i didn't know this.

    • profile image

      johnrgant 8 years ago

      cool, i didn't know this.

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