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What to do when you feel sad

Updated on March 1, 2014
Image courtesy Stuart Miles/
Image courtesy Stuart Miles/ | Source

Ten things One can do to feel better

  • Get out : Go shopping, grab a bite at good restaurants. A trip to a lively place full of people, ought to be a good distraction. This way you will be able to get your mind off whatever is bothering you! Shopping can always make things better.

  • Pamper yourself : Fall in love with yourself, treat yourself with a trip to the salon maybe. Get a head massage,it will leave you feeling intoxicated and fresh. If you're a girl, a manicure-pedicure appointment is the best way to de-stress.

  • Talk it out : Talk to your friends and immediate family. It'll help you feel lighter. Be open to suggestions but choose wisely, because your mind is in vulnerable state at that time.

  • Watch your favorite movie : Make pop-corns, put on your most comfortable clothes, and sit back to watch your all-time favorite movies. Watching your favorite movie start on the TV will definitely help you uplift your mood.

  • Listen to music : Put your earphones on, play your favorite music, and forget about all your worries!


Feeling low?

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  • Cook/Bake : Bake yourself a delicious cake, or cookies or any of your favorite dishes. That ought to make you feel better!

  • Read a book : If you're bookworm, pick up your favorite classic and get lost in an entirely different world!

  • Paint : Start painting! You'll be amazed to see the bold choice of colors that are because of the strong emotions you are feeling!

  • Rearrange furniture : Give your room a new look, try shifting furniture pieces, cleaning out the mess!

  • Sleep on it : Take a long nap and wake up to feel refreshed.



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    • ravi1991 profile image

      Ashutosh Tiwari 3 years ago from Lucknow, India


      One another way is to tell the self that this life is very precious and I am not going to waste it by weeping instead I will live by being happy which is the natural way to live life.