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Ten ways to help you feel better

Updated on January 15, 2015

How to feel better fast

Are you down in the dumps? Are you fed up? Do you want to feel better but don't know how? Do you want to cheer up quickly? Read on and I will see if I can help you with that. I have ten ways so I bet I can!


Ten ways to improve your mood

1. Get a pen and paper and write down everything you have to be thankful for. You can start with basic things like air in your lungs, eyes to read this, clothes on your back, a pen to write the list, the ability to read an article on how to feel better etc.When you can't think of any more or you have ran out of paper have a look at each one and think about what that means to you and why you are grateful for it and write that down too if you like.

2. Now start with a smile even if you don't mean it just a small one then make it bigger and bigger so it is coming from deep inside your soul. Now hold it and think of something happy, (your favourite food, a sunset, your favourite song etc) something nice and again and try to think of as many nice things as you can for twenty seconds. Nothing else just nice things. See how long you can do this for.

3. Now, put on your favourite song and if you don't have it and can't find it on YouTube just hum it in your head and then sing it right out loud and do a little dance if you want to. Riverdance, break dance, dad dance whatever works for you.

4. Good news we're at number four hopefully you are feeling better now. If not get some comedy up; your best stand up comedian, show or film. Take a look online if you don't have it to hand and just watch it for a while and just think about what you are watching, nothing more.

5.Take a long hot bath with or without candles and just lie there soaking in the water and think about nothing more than the water. This is one of my favourites FYI.

6. Work out and it doesn't have to be in the gym. Go for a jog, put an exercise DVD on or even just take a walk to the park but get that blood pumping.When you exercise you release endorphins which will make you feel good. So go and bust a sweat.

7. Call or go and visit someone you love who cares about you and ask them to cheer you up. It's surprising how much someone can make you feel better with a few kind words and a hug.

8.Have a lie down and go to sleep if you can. It's amazing how much difference a rest makes when you are feeling sad. Often it is because you are tired and can't think straight.

9.Get something good to eat and by good I don't mean junk food. I mean nice healthy food. Junk food will just make you feel lethargic and worse than you already do. A nice salad and some fruit will do you the world of good. Wash it all down with some water.

10. Treat yourself. Go and get your hair done, go for a spa, get a manicure or a pedicure or if you are feeling flush go for a day out somewhere lovely and shake off those blues because you deserve to smile!

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Photo above by deeplifequotes reproduced using Creative Commons licence.

Hope you feel better now!Please say hi.

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    • mentalitch profile image


      4 years ago from United States

      I treat myself mostly by pigging out, but I will try to have a spa this time. Thanks for your "happy" tips! Will share this. :)


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