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Ten ways to prevent and treat a sunburn

Updated on August 1, 2017

Being Healthy in the sun and UV Rays

Is the Sun limitless? Does it have limitless effects on our skin and bodies? Well, the answer is no the sun is not limitless and it doesn't have limitless effects on the skin and bodies, in a good way anyway. if you get a sunburn your skin might never recover fully at least when you are older that is. The more sunburns you get, the more effect it will have on you when you are older that is when the limitless effect of a sunburn will affect you in a limitless way.

Sure if you are European you might not feel it as soon as someone does with fair skin but you can still get a sunburn. Being in the sun isn't limitless. That is what this talks about so check it out before heading into the sun. It talks about what to do besides taking a cool bath when you get a sunburn. Even with a burn, there are still ways you can still enjoy the sun and heat. There are some helpful tips on how to prevent your skin from burning when you are outside for long periods of time.

With the weather being warm and sun shining people don't want to stay inside all day they want to be outside enjoying the sun and heat, doing all things related to summer and heat, including swimming and tanning, there are proper ways to do it, so check out this post for some helpful tips. Being in the sun can be limitless, but getting a burn too many times can damage your skin and in the future, you could have problems because of it for example sun spots that will never go away. and who wants those?

How to treat a sunburn in ten steps

When you think of the word sun what is the first thing that comes to mind? Heat and getting a tan, correct? or at least that is what I think of. What if you are outside too much and get to much sun, then what happens? You will get a sunburn. There are a few things that you can do to prevent it, the obvious is putting on sunscreen. Although unless you are under the age of 13 wearing sunscreen is a necessity after that, most people don’t wear it. Probably because they think that the sun can’t hurt them. What they don’t know is that the sun can hurt you, for your entire life if you are out in it too long. Getting sunburns from being outside in the sun are very harmful, to your skin and your health. People are probably thinking why are you telling me this? I know this, already of course you do, but do you know how to prevent and treat a sunburn. Probably not, except for the usual wearing sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses, there are more things you can do to prevent and treat sunburns. Here are the ten home remedies for treating sunburns that can be limitless depending on how easily you burn.

1. Take a bath with a few heaping spoonful’s of baking soda 15- 20 minutes no longer. Or oatmeal in a cool bath works too

2. Use Aloe Vera the thick gel-like juice of the Aloe Vera plant can take the redness out of the sunburn

3. Apply a cool compress or wet washcloth to the burn areas a couple times a day do not apply ice or ice packs, just use a cool compress apply it every couple minutes and re-wetting it to keep it cool or simply shake a bit of baking soda into the water before wetting the cloth, you could also wrap dry oatmeal in a cheesecloth and run water through it toss the oatmeal after and running the cloth through the now oatmeal water

4. As the sun fried your skin it also dehydrated it so be sure to drink plenty of liquids when you recover from a sunburn drinking water also helps the burns heal better

5. slipping into a cool tub of water or pool can also relieve the sting and burn that a sunburn causes, avoid using soap as it can irritate the skin

6. Moisturize the sun dries out your skin so after getting a sunburn and after your soak in the tub apply it immediately so that it doesn’t dry out your skin, it will help heal it.

7. Pat down with potatoes, potatoes make for a wonderful pain reliever you take two washed potatoes cut them into small chunks and place them in a blender or food processor, blend or process until they are a liquid form if they look dry add water, pat the areas with the potato mixture, wait until they dry and then take a cool shower, or you can apply the potatoes mashed to a clean gauze but that may take a couple of days for the pain to stop.

8. Use cornstarch on the areas of the body that are burned that are covered by clothing that sunscreen can’t get to in order to ease the pain

9. Solar Caine may offer some relief it can be found in a spray or gel form the spray is easier to use on hard to reach areas. It can cause temporary relief from the pain and itching of a sunburn

10. Ibuprofen or aspirin can be used, to relieve the pain and inflammation of a sunburn take it as directed either by a doctor or by the directions on the bottle.

Ten ways to prevent and treat a sunburn

How to prevent and treat a sunburn

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How to prevent a sunburns

To prevent sunburns you can wear sunscreen, a hat. Stay outside no longer than a half hour at a time, don’t go outside in between the hours of noon and four pm. If you go outside in between the hours of ten am and four pm with a sunburn that isn’t healed then you can do more damage to your skin. Also to prevent a sunburn wear t-shirts instead of tank tops or tube tops or long pants instead of shorts. I know that this might sound a little odd because it is hot outside, but if you don’t want to get sun damage by getting a sunburn these are the things you can do.

Here is a list of the things you can do to prevent a sunburn besides sunscreen, and sunglasses,

1.Sun protective clothing it is usually marked with UPV are types of clothing that protect you from the sun, these types of clothing are tightly woven, although it can lose effectiveness if it gets stretched or repeatedly washed

2.Foods with beta carotene, antioxidants can help prevent sunburns these foods could be carrots, leafy vegetables, red peppers and yellow fruits such as mangos, melons and apricots have been proven to prevent sunburns eat at least five serving of these foods with antioxidants a day, for it to work to its full potential

3. The best way to avoid a sunburn is obvious stay out of the sun, in between the hours of ten am and four pm... If you go to the beach bring a sun umbrella

4. For minimum effect of sunscreen wear it at least thirty minutes before going into the sun

The sun’s rays are damaging to the skin especially if you are young. If you are in between the ages of zero and 12, wear sunscreen all the time, this is because your skin is not conditioned for the sun’s harmful rays, and it could do more harm than good to your skin. When you are older and have been more conditioned to the sun, you should still wear sunscreen, you may not need as much as kids under the age of 12 but that still doesn’t mean to wear it.

People might even say, that they don’t get sunburns because of their nationality, well that isn’t true either. If you are European or Pilipino, you may not get that bad of a sunburn as let’s say someone with light skin like the Irish but, you could still get a sunburn. So protect yourself from the sun, no matter where you are and what you are doing in the summer, it will save you when you are older.

The Sunburn I got at the beginning of the summer last year
The Sunburn I got at the beginning of the summer last year

Sun Burns Happen But there are ways to treat them

Sunburns happen, it's inevitable that people will get a sunburn at least once a summer if they are outside long enough. But there are ways to prevent it and not get such a bad one if you take precautions when outside, in the sun. Sunburns can come in limitless amounts depending on the amount of time you spend outside and if you take care of your skin while you are there.

How do you prevent and treat sunburns? Let's Discuss

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