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tennis elbow

Updated on October 12, 2009

What is tennis elbow?

What is tennis elbow? Your doctor may refer to it as lateral epicondylitis.

Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) is an overuse injury that affects the tendon fibers that attach on the bony "prominence" on the outside of the elbow. It results from the repetitive irritation of the tendons of the forearm muscles, specifically the extensor carpi radialis brevis.

In simple language repetitive actions cause irritation in the tendons of the fore arm muscle. So obviously tennis can cause it but so can other repetitive actions such as using an industrial spray gun. I got my tennis elbow through using a Glassfibre spraying machine

You don't have to play tennis to get tennis elbow.
You don't have to play tennis to get tennis elbow.

Tennis Elbow symptoms

Tennis elbow is one of those ailments which sound funny along with housemaid’s knee. It may not sound too painful but if you’re a sufferer I'm sure you already know it can be painful enough to make you want to scream, even when all you’re doing is sitting watching TV. The joint can also be very tender to the touch.

Symptoms can develop gradually over time with some slight soreness and tenderness on the outside of the elbow, which then leads to tightness of the muscles in the forearm.

If left untreated, you may experience the misfortune of not being able to straighten your arm out when you wake in the morning without extreme pain and discomfort.

Simple tasks such as turning a door knob or shaking hands can sometimes be challenging and frustrating, not to mention painful.

Tennis Elbow Treatment

So what can you do about it? The simplest form of treatment is the R.I.C.E. principle: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevate. But if you’re tennis elbow is caused by your job that’s not going to help much.

Your Doctor may advise steroid injections into the painful area of the elbow which can cause the pain to stop permanently for some people, though in many cases it will return, possibly after only a matter of weeks.

Usually your doctor would not give more than three injections of steroids into the same area.

Possible side effects of steroid injections are
* Pain on injection.
* Atrophy of (shrinking or loss of) the fatty tissue under the skin at the injection site.
* De pigmentation (loss of coloration) of the skin around the injection site.
* Damage to the tendon around the elbow, although this is very rare.

Natural Remedies For Tennis Elbow

. Turmeric can be used for many inflammatory disorders such as:

- arthritis

- tendonitis

Many doctors and health professionals usually recommend taking 400 to 600 milligrams of turmeric tablets/capsules 3X per day or you can follow the instructions on the product label.

Ginger: Powdered dry ginger is an excellent anti-inflammatory. Take one to two capsules (500 to 1,000 mg) twice a day with food.

As with turmeric, you won't get the full effect for about two months.

Boswellin: This is the extract of the herb Boswellia, used in Ayurvedic medicine and available in capsule form.

It may be useful for generalized inflammatory conditions such as fibromyalgia. The dosage is two capsules twice a day unless the product label directs differently.

You can take all of these herbs in combination.

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  • profile image

    Hot Tennis Players 6 years ago

    I have tennis elbow. It sucks, specially on the serve and backhand (one-handed).

  • profile image

    Ron 6 years ago

    Very interesting information