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TDP Lamp - Treatment for Serious Tennis Elbow Pain

Updated on May 2, 2016

Tennis Elbow - 5 Important Things You Need To Know

Tennis elbow is serious and uncomfortable pain. Unfortunately, when you have tennis elbow there are not a lot of treatments to treat the problem directly. In other words, issues with nerves, tendons, and muscles are often so complicated, it is difficult to isolate and treat them separately. Most people just have to wait out the symptoms until they subside.

Tennis elbow is pain due to overuse of forearm tendons and muscles by rep — repeating the same strenuous movement over and over again.

There is no single medication you can take to treat tennis elbow. However, there is one particular treatment that might work well for most people. Unfortunately, you can't get it from the doctor.

When you go to the doctor, and they decide to treat you, they will typically give you strong medications that are sometimes addictive in nature. If you already take a lot of medicines, you do not want to take another one.

Also, you may not be convinced that such strong medicines are something that you need for a tendon and muscle related issue. After all, you just want to gain some comfort and you don't need to deal with the side effects of another medication. Drug interactions can be scary and you don't want to go through that just to avoid a couple of weeks of pain.

Thankfully, there are older techniques that have been used for many years that are very effective. Most doctors don't tell you about them because doctors don't typically recommended remedies. They are there to see if you need medication or surgeries. However, this doesn't mean that doctors don't believe in remedies. Doctors just don't specialize in home care.

In order to help you take better care of yourself, home care suggestions of things to avoid with tennis elbow is written below. Of course, you can bypass a lot of your problems by trying a TDP Lamp.

5 Things You Should NOT Do When You Have Tennis Elbow:

1. Don't Use A Brace Or Splint

2. Don't Use Ice

3. Don't Decrease Circulation

4. Don't Slow The Inflammation Process

5. Don't Get A Cortisone Shot

TDP Mineral Lamp
TDP Mineral Lamp

TDP Lamps Work In the Opposite Way for Tennis Elbow

Don't Use a Brace Or Splint

There are many people who incorrectly believe that you should treat tennis elbow just like it is a sprain. That is why something like the does not occur to them. However, tennis elbow is not like a sprained ankle. It is confusing to hear that statement considering that a sprained ankle and tennis elbow feel a lot alike.

The constriction that a splint or brace causes will increase the problems in the elbow area. This can be a turning point in how long your injury will last. In other words, causing constriction early on when you get tennis elbow may cause you more problems later. This is why products like the TDP lamp are effective products.

In particular, using TDP lamp is particularly effective in increasing blood flow to the region of the elbow. When you are using a brace or splint, you will be decreasing the amount of blood flow to the elbow.

Don't Use Ice - Ice Increases Ligament Breakage

Again, many people will try to treat tennis elbow just like it's a sprain. The worst thing you can do to use ice. Because you are talking about ligaments when you have tennis elbow, so you don't want to use ice. You want to use something that is the opposite of ice, like heat.

A good example of understanding how ice works on ligaments is to look at a rubber band. Everyone knows that a genuine rubber band made of real rubber is brittle when it is cold. If you apply ice to a ligament, it is just going to make the problem worse.

However, think of a rubber band once again, if you apply heat to a rubber band, it will make it more malleable. Whenever you over extend or damage a ligament, it makes it rough as if you've taken a dry piece of rubber and frayed it with a piece of sandpaper.

Only heat can help the ligaments gel and heal. It does this through a process of inflammation. Inflammation is not always a bad thing. In the case of tennis elbow, inflammation promotion is actually important.

TDP Mineral Lamp
TDP Mineral Lamp

How TDP Mineral Lamp Helps Circulation To Heal Tennis Elbow

Don't Stop the Circulation

When treating tennis elbow, you don't want to do anything that is going to reduce circulation. In addition to constriction, you can also produce a lot of circulation issues by doing your job at a computer or sleeping on your arm the wrong way.

However, there are few ways to promote circulation on your own. Heating action draws circulation to the area that you want. In this case, it would be the elbow area.

When you are promoting circulation, you're allowing the body to draw way any of the fluids, chemicals, and hormones left over from the inflammation process. This means that the recovery process is sped up. This is particularly useful when you have had tennis elbow for an extended period of time.

Don't Slow the Inflammation Process

Promoting Inflammation Is the Ideal Course of Action

When you have a sprain, you are trying to reduce the inflammation as much as possible. However with tennis elbow, you want to promote the inflammation so that the process is complete and your body can heal.

There are several ways to slow the inflammation process. Ice is great for slowing inflammation. Regarding ice, we have already discussed that ice can hurt your ligaments. However, it can also slow the inflammation process to the detriment of treating your tennis elbow.

When you use heat therapy, you can use it to increase the inflammation process just a little. This means that you'll be feeling a lot better a lot quicker and you will feel the pain a lot less.

Don't Get a Cortisone Shot

Steroids Have Serious Side Effects

Some people will try to tell you that there is a single treatment this quite effective for treating tennis elbow. However, most people don't discuss the side effects of cortisone and other steroid treatments.

Steroid treatments have the following side effects:

  1. causing the skin to look older
  2. increased weight gain
  3. aggression
  4. mood disorders
  5. addiction

Seriously ill individuals are most likely willing to deal with side effects from taking steroids. After all, their illness is far greater than the side effects. However, for a regular person, they don't need long term side effects from taking steroids too often. In other words, if you want to live well for the rest of your life, you should consider an alternative form of treatment for tennis elbow.

Although you may complain and think that the steroids do a better job than a product like the TDP lamp, you should think about the alternatives. If you get headaches, do you start by taking aspirin or start by taking morphine? As you can see, effective treatment sometimes means not being over- treated for pain.

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    • profile image

      BigDropShip 6 years ago

      I saw the tdp lamps. The floorlamp model and desktop model. Both will give you the same relief. Desktop model is smaller. Good for traveling.

    • profile image

      seomarketing30days 6 years ago

      Great tips! Never though about this before. The TDP lamp looks like a very effective pain management tool.