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The 2 Reflex Points That Stimulate Your Grow Tall Hormone

Updated on February 19, 2011

Can You Increase Height After Puberty?

To many people, me included, growing taller for 2 to 4 inches already give us more self-confidence. We always think our height will not change after puberty. However scientific researches find that our spine and growth hormone have still room to change, even up to our 50. Amongst many methods, having a nice massage or taking deep breath can help you grow taller. Here is how you should do.

Diet, Posture and Exercises

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying sleeping, diet, posture and exercises are not important. They are actually major factors affecting your height: You need to eat the proper foods that give you the calcium and other vitamins and minerals for height increase. Get enough of sleep which is usually 8 hours a day for most people. Always keep a correct posture and do regular and appropriate exercises. But do you know massage which is base on Chinese acupuncture concept can also increase your body height?

Massage stimula growth hormone
Massage stimula growth hormone

The Theory Behind Massage

How can that be? It may seems massage do not have a direct relationship to our bones and spine. However, they can help stimulate the hormones and glands which is important to your body height.

Massage has been used for thousands of years in many different cultures as a way for body relaxation. In China, it is also used together with the theory of acupuncture. By massaging the different reflex points in various parts of our body, it can stimulate the production and function of hormones and growth.

Chinese medication, usually western doctors, focus on the holistic of a person. It is not a discrete separation of each part of our body, rather looking our body as a whole. Therefore when we talk about increasing height, we don't just look at the bones and spine. We should look at basically every thing from what you eat, how you live and your emotional state.

Therefore one of the benefits of having massage is to relax your emotional state. Stress create a lot of free radicals, and damage our cells. By relaxing our emotion, we prevent the damage of free radicals. Although this is not a direct relationship with your height, it is the foundation of releasing the pressure and let your full capability to excel. Our height is one of the capabilities we can achieve.

reflex points
reflex points

The 2 Reflex Points Concern Your Height

Apart from releasing your full potential in body height, massage on the correct reflex points also has a direct relationship to your growth hormone. Because your neurons system is connected to the pituitary gland. By the stimulation of certain reflex points during a massage, signals will be sent from the pituitary gland to the thyroid. This leads to the growth hormone, one of the factors for body height, to work.

Amongst numerous reflex points, at least two major reflex points are related body height. One of them is located on the pad of your thumb, while the other is in your whole neck. You can rub these parts in a clockwise direction to stimulate your growth hormones. You may use a small handy device that applies our body’s Galvanic current to stimulate these reflex points. At the moment, this handy device is used for beauty and some health purpose, but I find it may also be used to increase the effectiveness of reflex points massage to achieve grow taller goal. To see me detail about the Galvanic device, check out below link in resources box.

All the best


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I loved reading this! I try to just do my own thing on my blog, but it's nice to have people who inspire you when you're just starting out!


    • profile image


      4 years ago

      gud tips i hope that it really works


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