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Health Benefits of Grape Seed Extract

Updated on May 17, 2009

Grape Seed as Antioxidant?

Grape seed is one of the most powerful antioxidants known and widely believed to help slow down the aging process.

All has been said about the health benefits of Grape Seed extract and its antioxidant, anti-aging effect, but can a simple grape seed has the magic?

Grape seed extract is a natural substance which is extracted out of the grape seed that contains a huge concentration of the antioxidant chemicals call oligomeric proanthocyanidin (or OPC), making it about 20 times more powerful than vitamin C, and up to 50 times stronger than vitamin E.

10 Health Benefits of Grape-Seed Extract

# 1: Grape seed extract acts as a potent antioxidant, stronger than vitamins C and E.

# 2: Grape seed extract has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

# 3: Grape seed extract enhances the production of vitamins A and C, thus aiding in the repairing of vision problems and the reduction of wrinkles. It also helps to maintain a healthy skin.

# 4: Grape seed extract helps keeping the circulatory system at its peak, endorsing the stream of blood throughout the body. *

# 5: Grape seed extract reduces the risk of a heart attack, and prevents the creation of arterial plaques.

Benefits of Grape Seed Extract
Benefits of Grape Seed Extract

# 6: Grape seed extract is often recommended to chronic smokers, as it helps the organism fight the harmful effects of tobacco.

# 7: Grape seed extract provides the organism with an extra shield against urban contamination, and the stresses of everyday life.

# 8: Grape seed extract has an influence on blood-fluid balancing enzymes, thus being able to lowering blood pressure.

# 9: Grape seed extract reinforces the capillaries, guaranteeing a robust provision of oxygen and nutrients for the brain and all throughout the body.

# 10: Grape seed extract inhibits the production of histamine-production associated enzymes, thus reducing allergic responses and histamine-related stomach problems. **

*This also has been reported to have had a positive impact in certain cases of alopecia, probably by also battling the dihydrotestosterone hormone. Further scientific research is due.

** Even though there is no counter indication, nor aren’t there any registered common side-effects to the use of grape seed extract, a first consultation with a medical practitioner of your trust is advised, to cast off the possibility of an allergic reaction.

Now that pretty much covers the health benefits of grape seed extract from the “miraculous” nature of the meek grape-seed, which strengthens, nurtures and protects our bodies.

Thanks to Jacques Masquelier, the french chemist who made a study on the benefits of grape seed extract way back in 1948.


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